I Don't Envy What Xbox Support Has To Put Up With

Xbox support has a Twitter account — it's very helpful and responsive, in my experience! But sometimes, the stuff they have to put up with is so idiotic that I can't believe how patient they are. I know I couldn't be after this exchange on Twitter.

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A bigger picture of what he sent them:

And then after THAT, Xbox support got this inquiry.

Cripes. Guess they aren't joking around when they say they're the Guinness world record holder for "Most Responsive Brand on Twitter".


    That's a pretty good troll though.

    Does Patricia seriously not get that this was a joke?

      I don't think she does. Which makes it even funnier.

        They really should have been able to help out with his xbox support.. I could tell from the photo that it's a 'user retarded' error

      This comment itself was a joke, Right? Because it looks like she gets it just fine.

      Xbox Support are bloody saints to be able to deal with the idiocy people throw at them day in day out. This was just a really good example of how 'bad' it can really get.

    ''That's a PS2 with the words Xbox stuck on it'' LOL

    Man, imagine if after seeing the image, they kept going along with it, like saying "Have you tried turning it off then on again?"? :P

    Missing easily the best query that xboxsupport have had to deal with: https://twitter.com/famouscrab/status/136117024228245504

    I wonder if sticking Xbox to my PC allows it to read X360 discs without a video saying 'THIS DISC IS FOR XBOX ONLY!'

    That PS2 one was hilarious.

    SMH at the Halo 4 console one.

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