I Like The Part Where Their Limbs Turn Into Pixels

This new song by Xilent/UKFDubstep is meant to be representative of the "boss wave" experience in video games. Or at least that's what the name — Boss Wave — suggests.

I know that dubstep in video game trailers is spreading quick as a virus these days, and a lot of it can be pretty shitty quality music. I actually like dubstep. You know, the good kind. It does exist. This particular track is enjoyable for me, and not just because I can totally relate to the feeling of wanting to live and breathe inside a certain game I'm hooked on.

Xilent - Boss Wave (Official Video) [YouTube via Obvious Winner]


    That suit kind of reminds me of the bad guy from the Shark Boy and Lava Girl movie

    Xilent is damn amazing, I wish people would realise artists like Noisia/Xilent/Spor exist for Neurofunk/DNB/Dubstep instead of *just* skrillex and pop-music spin offs :|.

      I've actually just started listening to Xilent. I'm mostly more of a Glitch-Hop guy, but this is good, it's got more...I dunno, feeling behind it than Noisia, but with similar amounts of epic sounds.

    The music didn't really grab me (I don't mind good wubs, this one just didn't tickle my aural fancies) but that ending was so totally worth it.

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