I Think I Found The Best Way To Play Temple Run 2

My defenses have crumbled. I can no longer resist Temple Run. Now I just need to make sure it doesn't destroy my hands.

The release of Temple Run 2 has brought me in line with the millions of other people who love playing Imangi Studios' endless runner. This game is becoming my podcast game — the game I play when I'm listening to the news or other pre-recorded chatter on my phone. I like it (not as much as Fire Emblem Awakening on my 3DS, but that's another story.)

I may like the game, but I'm not 100% sure the best way to wield it. I've been dabbling:

I'm left-handed, so I figured this was the way to do it. The problem is that my thumb blocks the runner a lot. That can't be right, right?

I tried choking up so I could swipe above the guy. No obstructions, but this felt awkward.

It felt weird to tilt the system with the same hand I was also using to swipe, so I tried swiping with my other hand (I tried my right forefinger and my right thumb). Neither worked well. It felt too clumsy.

Another experiment: I used my left to hold and swipe; my right to do the tilt. You'd think the right hand wouldn't help, but it felt better to off-load some of the tilting command to my right hand.

The problem with the previous technique, though, is that it only helped me tilt the phone to the left. How to better tilt right? I added some second-hand thumb stability. Eureka! This feels right.

Are you also playing this game on your phone? If so, how are you holding it?


    That was a truely aweful article.


      That was a truly awful* sentence.
      But seriously, this article is a waste of space.

        My spelling really was atrocious, I deserved to be pulled up on it. The sentence however, was short and to the point, unlike most others on the internet.

      Boo-urns!! Boo-urns!!

    Why the hate guys?
    This is actually a legitimate problem with all touch games these days, it's always hard to find a "right" way to hold/swipe/turn a phone, personally I go with the last one mentioned.

    The best way to play Temple run 2 is to not play it at all.

    This is why smartphone gaming sucks.

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