I Would Charge People To Look At This Amazing Final Fantasy Statue

Sadly, this isn't something you can buy. It's a garage kit, which means it's basically a homemade piece, so the astonishing detail you're seeing here is one of a kind. As something so beautiful deserves to be.

It's Ultima, a summons from Final Fantasy XII, and the impressive statue stands an enormous 20 inches tall.

I've included some impressive images of the completed piece, but you can see more — including in-progress shots — at the link below.

pkking626178 [Wretch, via Plastikitty]


    As someone who got into Final Fantasy at VII, summons have always been my favourite aspect of the series.

    That is impressive. He's done an excellent job and has a real eye for detail. It's a shame I can't buy one. V_V

    take my money
    *mashes into screen*
    Ultima is one of my favorite summons.

    I wish someone would do a good shiva from FFX one day also.

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