If Donkey Kong Country Was An Endless Runner, It Might Look Like This

With Temple Run 2 whipping endless runner fans into a inevitably doomed frenzy, FDG Entertainment gets ready to release Banana Kong, game that's just a Nintendo licence away from being a Donkey Kong Country spin-off.

FDG and developer Gamaga call Banana Kong a cross between Donkey Kong Country and Sonic the Hedgehog. While that second one is a bit of a stretch, the similarities between Nintendo's main monkey adventure and this game are rather extensive. You've got the gorilla, banana collecting, the jungle theme and so on. And just when the game starts to diverge from its inspiration, BAM — you're riding a boar.

This is what happens, Nintendo! You don't make mobile games, other game companies are going to make them for you.

Banana Kong hits iTunes on Thursday for 99c.


    A shameless plug? For a friends app perhaps? How is this news?

      It's a new game. It looks fun. This is a games news site. I'd say it's very relevant. A lot more so than Bashcraft's cooing over Japanese girls dressing up as manga characters, or Patricia posting about how hard her life is as a gamer or some other such drivel.

    Were they trying make this game the target of copywrite lawsuits?

    replace the boar with rambi and the bird with squawks we got a proper donkey kong ios game

    "This is what happens, Nintendo! You don’t make mobile games, other game companies are going to make them for you."

    Why would they make mobile games? that's just idiotic.

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