If Nintendo Made Another Mario Movie…For The Call Of Duty Generation

If Nintendo Made Another Mario Movie…For The Call Of Duty Generation

Here’s the second episode of fan series Mario Warfare, which turns the Mushroom Kingdom into something a little more Call of Duty.

Like the first episode, it can get a little hammy, but like the first one it’s also looks shockingly pretty.

MARIO WARFARE – Part 2 [beatdownboogie]


    • So, bullshit hammy action, third rate acting and dialogue and severely overpowered weapons with peripheral characters who die before theyre developed… its a real 50/50 choice there between COD and EXP…

      • This is true. I thought Expendables because it doesn’t take itself very seriously, and I cant watch this and think that this is supposed to be a serious dramatic representation of a modern war in the Mushroom kingdom. Then again… CoD cant possibly be a serious representation ‘modern warfare’

          • Oh I’m not being a downer on this, I have watched both episodes and think they are pretty awesome. (I also love the Expendables and have spent way too many hours on various CoDs).

  • ROFL!!!! Loved it! Epic as hell! The final line (won’t spoil! that’d be a crime!) is just pure *gold*.

    Hope episode 3 isn’t far away!!!

        • As far as I understand, most of the episodes after this one haven’t even been filmed. They’ve been running a Kickstarter campaign (which I’m surprised wasn’t included in Kotaku’s story) which has just finished, and funding will go towards the new episodes.
          They will come. Just expect to wait a while.

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