If Street Fighter IV Was A First-Person Game, Here's What It Would Look Like

Pipoca, the Brazilian animator who brought us First-Person Bomberman, now delivers this concept of Street Fighter IV's bonus stage, fought first-person style. It's a great take, but if the combos are based on your point of view, I'm now completely messed up on how to throw a hadouken. What's forward? Up?

YouTube video uploaded by pipocaVFX [h/t Felipe C.]


    Tekken 2 did this. And it was awful.

      I was pretty sure another game did it. I know Bushido Blade did it and you could play 2 player on two consoles/tvs

      Also Hadouken is obviously Crouch, Crouch+W, W Punch

    Looks cool, wouldn't matter to me though, i'd still suck.
    Me+fighter= EPIC FAIL

    Ryu soon realised that he didn't have the necessary skills to build his Epic BBQ.

    Take that you fiendish blocks!

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