If There Was A Pokémon Game On The Wii U, It Might Look Like This

There's never been a proper Pokémon game on a home console. For reasons Nintendo have long stuck to. But hey, it's the internet, let's imagine that they broke with tradition, and announced a massive new Pokémon adventure for the Wii U.

What could it look like? Maybe something like this. Environment artist Evan Liaw (who recently worked on Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad) has imagined what a Pokémon centre would look like in modern 3D, then went ahead and rendered the whole thing in UDK.

The results are as pretty as they are agonising. Hence the apology in the image up top. In case anyone got their hopes up.

Pokecenter [Evan Liaw — thanks SnipeyMcSnipe!]


    I'd play the shit out of that game.

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    Are people at nintendo remotely intelligent to even do this?

      No. Even if they did make a console version I'd estimate a 99% chance it would be cell shaded with super-deformed characters. And not in a good Wind Waker way, in a -bobble headed this is only for 10 year olds- Animal Crossing style.

        Cel-shaded character, SD characters, and even cel-shaded SD characters would be fine if the world looked like this...

    It's full 3D, but it's well rendered instead of cartoony to hide the low quality 3D models. Nintendo would never make a game like this. Cartoony textures to hide shit models ad infinitum.

      The models look well done to me. Seem to have been baked using the standard, next-gen highpoly to lowpoly method. I'm not sure what you mean?

      The Pokeball logo on the flaw is pretty low res, I'll give you that, but otherwise everything looks pretty good to me.

    *3d pokemon comes out*



      Because Pokemon is extremely good at selling handhelds. If you want to play Pokemon you need to buy a DS. Mario and Zelda sell the consoles.

      It's actually a pretty smart business move and it would be stupid of them to not do it.

    I want to come out and say I only want core pokemon games on portable consoles because I just wouldn't have enough time at home to catch them all. The other day I looked at the amount of time I've played White 2. It told me 60 hours. If it was a home console game I wouldn't have put 10 hours into it.

    You could never get a Nidoking or a Rhydon through that CAT scan (thing)!

    Why not have this game only work from your ds pokemon account? Yes I know it's double dipping with making us buy two consoles, but most let Apple screw you over on a connector to attach your new iPhone/pod to your old dock. That's if your not a droid person. ;p

    Pokemon meets Mass Effect and Deus Ex 3.

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