If Your Xbox Cloud Saving Had Issues Last Week, You Get A Free Month Of Gold Membership

Maybe you were playing a game on Xbox Live last week and you tried to save online. Maybe it didn't work. Maybe you are cursing at the skies, wondering why you ever relied on this newfangled "cloud" technology when back in your day all you needed was a pen, paper, and a string of meaningless numbers and letters.

Well, Microsoft gets your pain. And to apologise for the outage, they're giving out a free one-month extension to any Xbox Live Gold accounts that were affected, according to company spokesman Major Nelson. So go forth and trust the cloud once again. Always trust the cloud. Never question the cloud. All praise the cloud.


    Yay, I get to play online for a month on my Xbox for free! Oh... W8... I already do that on PC... And PS3... And Wii..... And even on my phone. And that's without Vodafone not working for a while.

    I don't think I was afflicted by the cloud save issue but I did have trouble logging on to Xbox live & foxtel dropped a few times.

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