I'm A Little Weirded Out By This 'Sexy' Blade Runner Video

Joanna Cassidy had a small role in Ridley Scott's classic Blade Runner. She was the mostly naked robot lady with the snake. Well, according to Cassidy, the role was meant to be a little bigger, with the original script calling for a scene in which she did an exotic "reptile dance".

This scene was never shot. Yet bizarrely, Cassidy, now 67, has decided to act it out now on camera. And it's... a little weird. Especially since I'm pretty sure none of the Blade Runner versions have R. Kelly on the soundtrack.

At least this time she's got a real snake!

What Might Have Been: Snake Dance [YouTube, via Topless Robot]


    All torrents of Blade Runner should have this scene spliced in, as part of the Actor's Cut version.

    The snake might be real but the dignity is definitely artificial.

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