Imagine Seeing This Beast Of An Assassin On The Battlefield

The Variety and Noodlehaus-produced live action Assassin's Creed III teaser trailer above kicks off a promotion for the 16th annual D.I.C.E. awards, which goes live on February 7.

Can you imagine scouting the battlefield as a general of sorts, gauging your success/loss rates and spotting this proficient killer, eyes clearly on you? This is why you need puppies on the battlefield. So you can just hold one up like Simba and peace washes over everyone and then you sit down together and watch YouTube videos of more puppies. Yeah, never send me to war.

In the meantime, check out the nominees for the upcoming awards show here.


    I am sick of all these terrible live video game movies. especially the awful fan-made ones like the one above. they aren't even good trailers. halo is the only series that still does live action well. and why does everything have the word "rise" in it now?

      I would correct you and point out that this is clearly stated as not a fan made video, but you didn't read the article, why would you read my comment?

        A professionally made video that looks like a fan made one is even worse as they have no excuse.

        Ill read your comment because you asked me a question! I have been involved in advertising/marketing, promotion and to a lesser extent film, video and multimedia production. WATCH the Halo superbowl ad, the "live-action" short by david fincher and all the Halo 3 live action "rememberance" ads. They were all congruent to the arcing narrative, characters and therefore not only advertised the game, but added more depth and helped to support the canon and universe in which this particular game was set. The Landfall series by Neill blomkamp does this orgasmically well. (I really enjoy the Halo advertising campaigns if you havent noticed, although there are many more fantastic campaigns out there).
        This "Teaser Trailer" doesnt capture any emotion, information or themes about the story, character or product that it is promoting, and this is entirely detrimental not only to the promotion of this product but to the credibility of the game and the developers themselves!

        tl;dr - amateur video production like the video above creates a question about the credibility of the video game by associating the brand with something which is less desirable. What's the point in making it at all?

      +1, the odd one in the past has been good, but now its just some massive fad and I dont bother watching any, theyre may still be some good ones but most are just boring slow mo action scenes acted by cosplayers...

    particularly sick of bad fight choreography/camera framing that makes it obvious the 'hero' didn't have to do anything to avoid being hit. "I would TOTALLY have hit you if you were 9 feet tall!"

    immediately takes it from "cool video" to "hey kids, come inside, your frozen orange slices are ready"

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