In This Game, You Search For The 'Gay Planet.' No, Not That One. A Different Gay Planet.

The game isn't affiliated with Star Wars: The Old Republic, though it is a response of sorts to the recent debacle concerning a 'gay planet.'

Here is a Twine game by Anna Anthropy that's all about searching for an elusive gay planet. It's called, as you might have guessed, The Hunt For The Gay Planet.

The premise:

You've heard rumours of a secret paradise planet where people like you can be people like you, a glittering world where women walk arm-in-arm with women, where you can feel the heat of a lady's reciprocating gaze without having to feel the burn of a thousand judgemental stares on your skin.

Lesbionica. The gay planet. Let's find it.

Like other Twine games, it plays somewhat like a choose-your-own-adventure. And, like much of Anna's work, you might consider it NSFW.

I'd say this runs about 15 minutes, and it made me chuckle a few times — both out of the strength of Anna's writing, and also because the idea of a 'gay planet' is so absurd/silly/crazy.

Worth a play, here.


    hahaha well this is a first, i wonder what the trolls got to say about this. lolol

    dip me in honey and throw me to the lesbians hahaha

    Ok, I might be missing the point here (I don't play SWOTR) - but this from the links it seems this is a response to Bioware's decision to add new content to SWTOR and charge people to access the new content?
    If Bioware spent time, money & resources to add new content to the game, why the big deal about recouping money from it? Doesn't making money from this give them an incentive to add similar content in the future?

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