Infinite Lives In Candy Crush Saga Isn’t Cheating, It’s Time Travel

Infinite Lives In Candy Crush Saga Isn’t Cheating, It’s Time Travel

Since released the mobile version of popular Facebook puzzler Candy Crush Saga, I’ve been praise the developer’s flawless implementation on iOS and Android. While fiddling about with my iPhone’s time settings over the weekend I discovered that’s not entirely the case — the mobile versions will let players cheat.

It’s not quite cheating in a traditional sense. Players don’t gain super powers or the ability to bypass particularly difficult levels — they just don’t have to wait for their lives to recharge before trying again.

Candy Crush Saga gives players five lives at a time to journey down the path to candy-matching adventure. Every time a level ends without its objective fulfilled, a life is lost. Lives are regained at a rate of one every 30 minutes, though players can receive extra lives as gifts from their friends or through in-app purchase.

Or they can set the calendar on their Android of iOS device up a day.

The mobile version of Candy Crush Saga syncs with the Facebook version, but it only syncs player progress and gifts sent from friends. Lives are separate between the social and mobile platforms — use up all of your lives on Facebook and your mobile version still has the full life complement available. On iOS and Android the life timer works off of a device’s internal clock, so setting the time to manually and pushing it forward convinces the game that you’ve travelled forward in time. Use up all five lives, advance a day, get five more lives.

The only complication, other than not having an excuse to stop playing, is that when you set your clock back to the normal date your life timer suddenly has several thousand hours on it. Remove the app, re-install it, and you’re good to go.

Candy Crush Saga is a game that makes its money trafficking in frustration. Players throwing themselves against a particularly difficult level with buy extra lives and expensive power-ups in order to push on through to the next challenge. Taking the life mechanic out of equation cuts the frustration factor significantly, leaving the player free to retry a level as often as they’d like.

That’s not necessarily a good thing, mind you. To some that frustration is an integral part of the experience — without it, Candy Crush Saga is just an endless series of often unfair puzzles. That, and the life mechanic is a good means to keep players from sitting in the bathroom for an hour, failing the same level over and over again.

I speak from experience.


  • Kind of circumventing the game’s mechanisms, right? Wouldn’t that be against the terms of using the app? I’d say it would be..

    Sure the puzzles can be frustrating and I think they were planned that way to promote in app purchases, both on mobile and facebook.. but that doesn’t mean you should be promoting what is effectively exploitative behaviour..

    • to light487 i am going to take a wild guess and say why hello King how have you been and forum surfing eh ?

  • mike if i remove the app and re-install does it take me back to level 1? or will it stay on the current level im at? im IOS hooked on it and cant stop thinking about it

  • u dont need to remove the app… once u’ve used up all ur lives just go to ur settings and turn off Set Automatically den manually set ur date 1 day ahead eg. if its 26/02/13 change to 27/02/13. den go to ur candy crush app and open it wait for ur lives to refill to full again then before u start playin candy crush go bak to ur time and turn on Set Automatically again. wen u go bak to candy crush ur lives will still be full and ur time will be da correct time. wen ur lives r finished just do the same thing again deres no need to keep changing da date 27/02/13 to 28/02/13 to 29/02/13 everytime u want full life. just wat eva day it is ur playing just change it to the next day it dnt matter how many times u do it on dat same day just rememba to go bak and change ur time bak to Set Automatically before u play and afterwards wen u had enuff ur life timer stays as normal 30min per life.
    if u do it da way mike explaines it den yeah u will hav to go forward every day and ur life timer will hav several hours before ur next life. i hope ive explained it easy enuff to understand (^_^)

    u can also just change da time instead of da date just put it forward 3hrs to get full life

    • u dnt hav to change da date u can use da time aswell…just put it forward 3hrs and do da same as above

  • How can I change the time back..cause when I use the cheat. The time is 9999999:38.. How can I change it back..

    • You need to change the date forward.. Not backwards… Like for example it’s 2013, you change it to 2014 and not go back to 2012

    • I had the same problem. With my time to next lives saying 3584906 minutes. If u have an android go to settings,apps, candy crush and click CLEAR CACHE. It doesn’t restart your progress. Just puts ur time to next lives back to normal!!

      • Hi, I’m having a similar problem. I just did the set clock ahead thing yesterday for the first time and now I’m having serious issues. I did it exactly the way it was described above, I went into my settings and took it off “set automatically”. Then I changed the date fwd one day(to today). Then I went back into the game but I didn’t start playing until after I went back to my settings and changed to “set automatically” again to get it back to the right date. I did it a bunch of times, I think 6 total, 3 to get more lives and then 3 to play all the quests at once to get to the next level/world. At first everything was fine today. I started playing as usual and nothing seemed off with the game itself. My phone however was having all kinds of issues, not just with the game but in general(this is my 2nd Samsung Galaxy, this was a “replacement phone” b.c my first didn’t work either correctly though I never had trouble w. the internet). I finally just decided to turn the phone off & on again to see if that would help and that’s when I started having issues w/ the game. I went from having full lives to 4(before I’d turned my phone off/on I’d had 5 full lives). And now it’s saying I have 1, 438 & hrs to wait to get back to my full lives. WTF??? I did everything exactly as this & another site said to(I was using another site to learn the trick). I think my phone is considered andriod but not 100% sure and afraid to do the clear cache and lose where I am in the game. I know you said it doesn’t but I’m still nervous. From what I said, is this what you would suggest or should I maybe try resetting a mth ahead(doing it the same way I did w/ the day ahead) and see what happens? Any help appreciated!

  • No need to stuff around with the time, just clear the app data and restart the game, log into facebook again and all set to go

  • I was moving my date ahead everyone I needed lives now I’m at the end if my time January 1, 2038. My iPad won’t go any further and I can’t reset my time to current because I have a billion minutes to’m on level 208 an don’t want to start over..ugh!!!!

    • To solve that problem just uninstall candy crush and reinstall it and you’ll go back to the 30 minute time thing. Just remember each time you go and set your time to manual and move it up 3 hours go to the candy crush game do not press Start go back out and set the time back to automatic.

    • You have to set the date/time back to the current day as soon as CCS reloads with your 5 lives replenished. If you keep moving the day/year or whatever without putting it back again before playing, you will run out of years and have to wait anyway, and you’ll have stuffed up your devices calendar in the process as well!

  • Hey, for fixing 2038 you need to set you clock to correct time, get full lives from your friends, than use just 3 hours or 1 day ahead method for getting full lives. If still not work, connect to facebook for saving your profile, than uninstall your game, delete game data than reinstall, connect to fb for getting progress.
    This tool will gonna help you I used just for passing impossible levels. Now i use it for lives and sometimes for boosters :)) work on phones to. I play all day on PC and HTC One, my sisters play on iPhone white. We can set how many lives, what boosters we need and even skip any level with 3 stars. It helps.

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