Iron Man Cosplay Has A Real Laser Gun That Actually Shoots Stuff

You know, I thought I'd seen the ultimate in Iron Man cosplay last year, and from a decorative standpoint, I probably have. But Anthony "Master" Le's outfits don't shoot real lasers like this thing does.

AnselmoFanZero from Laser Gadgets has built this incredible "Functional Iron Man Laser Gauntlet", which does exactly as it says. It looks like Iron Man's arm, and it shoots a real laser. Maybe not one that can blow up tanks, but it can blow up... balloons.

Functional Iron Man Laser Gauntlet (100% selfmade) [YouTube]


    What a waste of time

      Hey man, this technology would have been really useful back in the day when Japan sent balloons to attack the U.S.A.

        99 red balloons, floating in the summer sky.....

    That's frikin' mad. Who cares if it just pops balloons? Does anyone expect this guy to invent some new powerful portable laser while making a kickass ironman gauntlet?

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