It Only Took Him Two-And-A-Half Years To Make This 60-Minute StarCraft Machinima

Wow. This is "StarCraft: Rebirth of the Swarm", a 60-minute film created by YouTuber/TeamLiquider CrainyCreation, who says it took him two-and-a-half years to make.

It's fully voiced and totally insane. Enjoy.

Starcraft — Rebirth of the Swarm [Team Liquid Forums]


    wow, this is awesome. Machinima really has come a long way from red v blue.

    After watching the entire thing, I give the guy huge props for using the map editor to animate a movie like this - but the story was terrible and felt like it was written by a child. I can deal with the bad voice acting but damn the way the story unfolded made me cringe every time a new line was delivered.

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