It's A Jurassic Park Game Made In The Half-Life Engine

Boom. Boom. What's that sound? The coffee on my desk is shaking. Boom. Boom. Oh god, look at that. At the window. It's a super ambitious Jurassic Park game made using Valve's source engine. Stay perfectly still, and it won't be able to see us.

The game/mod, called Jurassic life, is a collaboration between a group of volunteers. They're sure to note that the video demo above is still very much a work in progress. I've seen the source engine do a lot of the interior stuff they've got going on here, but the jungles are something else.

Half the time I was playing Far Cry 3, I was sort of wishing there were dinosaurs. Jurassic Life looks like it'll satisfy that desire. The team is looking for a coder/programmer and another modeller, so if you've got some experience in those areas, head over to their site and help them make this grand-looking thing into a reality.

Jurassic Life [via Cinemablend]


    Lawsuit incoming in 3, 2.... 1....

      dont think it will be as its not making for profit !!
      its free right ?

        Thats not how copyright works :P Basically it's up to the copyright holder whether they want to enforce their intellectual property right.

        Even free things can damage the reputation of the associated copyright. The lawsuit would be for losses incurred (which can include things that aren't direct stolen sales, like brand damage, brand dilution or brand confusion).

        Last edited 03/01/13 12:25 pm

          the only thing to me that looks 80% stolen is the building at the start. i don't think they could make fences and dinosaurs their ip.

            You're probably right there, but that's not my argument. I was just responding to the "it's free, it can't be sued" comment :)

    it looks more like someone decompiled the ze map and expanded it

    Please tell me I get to shotgun Mr DNA.

    I would love Trespasser remake in CryEngine 3.

    It was such a great game at the time. With something like that engine it could be amazing again!

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