It's Not Made By Nintendo Or Sony, But This Handheld System Looks Promising

JXD S7300 HD Gamepad2. It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it? But the name might be the only thing I can see wrong with this new handheld system, designed entirely around the idea of playing classic old video games.

Based on Android 4.1, the JXD S7300 HD Gamepad2 comes with a range of emulators pre-installed, for retro systems like the SNES, Genesis, Neo-Geo, PlayStation and N64. Being an Android-based system, you can easily install more/others.

In terms of input, it's got two thumbsticks (proper sticks, not "sliders" or nubs), a d-pad, face buttons and shoulder triggers.

Specs wise, it runs at 1.5ghz with 1GB of RAM, has wi-fi, a USB port, five-finger multitouch, motion-sensing, front-facing camera, 1024x600 resolution and HDMI output. Perhaps most interesting, though, is the handheld's size. It's enormous. Like, Wii U controller-sized. That means you can't just slide it into your pocket, but it also means you're getting enough screen real estate to be able to see what's going on, and the control scheme is more comfortable than it would be were it phone-sized.

Various bundles have the thing priced between $US165-190. Considering it's both an emulators dream and a system capable of running current, that seems like one hell of a good deal. Only question is the build quality of the thing...

The handheld's official site is below. If you work for the legal department of a major publisher like EA or Nintendo, it makes for interesting reading

JXD S7300 [Official Site, via technabob]


    Ballsy I didn't think somebody would release a game device that relies on pirating other people libraries.

    Yeah yeah if you actually own the Original you can legally use the ROM, I'm sure the people who buy this will legally own all the games they then download.

    Those are def. Sliders, not sticks. Looks like even the hardware will have copyright issues (3ds)

      Pssst PSP had a slider before the 3ds...

        True that! Though they do look like the 3ds ones a bit more

          Oh indeed they do. I still don't buy they're analogue 'sticks' not when they rest so low, unless you can click in and they pop out or something. The PSV has proper sticks, but that? Sliders. All the way.

      No-one's going after such a small-time emulation handheld. There have been tonnes of them in the past, such as the Dingoo and cheaper alternatives. Apart from the elusiveness of the manufacturers, there's no major threat to sales, as they're all older titles and the people who are inclined to use these are unlikely to buy Virtual Console games.

      However, colour me impressed. I've seen tonnes of these around and they're always plagued by poor internals, a rubbish screen and an engrish write-up. This seems to combat all of those issues. Not that I intend to get one, though. I could get a 3DS for that sort of pricing.

      Funnily enough, I think Nvidia has more reason to be worried than anyone else. This does what the Shield does (albeit without the same level of grunt) and comes ready to root. I doubt Shield is going to be in the same ballpark, price-wise.

      Last edited 30/01/13 12:26 am

    I don'treally see why EA or Nintendo or whoever would be particularly interested in this device - it's just running Android software so there's nothing going on here that can't also be done on any other Android phone or tablet. If they've got an issue it'd be with the makers of the emulators, not the makers of the hardware, wouldn't it?

      I think the (albeit mock-up) image of this device running Super Mario Galaxy 2 might raise a few eyebrows over at Nintendo.

      But yeah, overall I agree. With so many devices doing this these days, nobody's really going to give a shit.

      Last edited 29/01/13 8:58 pm

      I think the difference is that unlike phones, running emulators is one of its main purposes (cause it comes with them pre-installed). Running emulators isn't an advertised feature on phones, you need to be aware of what emulators are and that they exist before you can install and use them. (I'm not sure how well known emulators are to the general public, so that could be a moot point)

    Get ready to face Nintendos lawyers, the appearance of this thing is despicable.

    Just look at where it's from and the other 'devices' on their website, looks like knock-offs are alive and well in China

    The only thing you can see wrong? You don't think it's wrong to rip off others IP? Oh... Mr Plunkett wrote it.

    ah cool one with shoulder buttons finally. Though i was reading a lot of dissatisfied customer reviews with its previous model ages ago to do with poor touch screen responsiveness, battery drain issues and general overheating/faulty units so I'd probably advise buying with caution. . .

    Last edited 30/01/13 12:19 am

    Really? Using stolen IP to advertise your system? Heh.

    Just got my unit! Will be doing a review here

    See photos on NeoGAF

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