It's Tough Feeling Bad About These Awesome Diablo III Figures

Diablo III statues too expensive? Build your own. That's what Samo Kramberger has done, crafting three custom pieces based on Diablo III's barbarian, monk and demon hunter.

The detail on the barbarian's outfit and accessories is amazing, even if his face is a little upsetting. The demon hunter and monk, though, are just about perfect.

The barbarian is made from polymer clay and stands 28cm tall without a base, while the demon hunter was "sculpted in sculpey and then casted in urethane resin" and stands 27cm tall (or 38.5 with her stone base). The monk is 34cm tall.

We featured more of Samo's video game statues, based on series like Fallout, back in 2011. You can see them here.

123samo [DeviantArt]


    I would far prefer an action figure of one of the cows from Diablo.

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