Jay Mohr Won't Host The DICE Gaming Awards This Year

Comedian Jay Mohr won't be hosting the annual video game awards show at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas this year. He's hosted the awards every year since 2006, merrily insulting part of his audience full of gaming industry professionals and snarking about video games for over half a decade.

The new host will be Nerdist's and Talking Dead's Chris Hardwick.

The DICE awards were usually not televised or aired online, allowing Mohr to work a little more blue than the hosts of Spike's Video Game Awards. He gleefully mocked the lack of diversity in his game industry audience and skewered games with glee.

In 2009, on Richard Garriott: "That guy used 30 million to launch himself into space. Maybe he should have used that to launch 'Tabula Rasa.'"

On the DIY LittleBigPlanet that same year: ""It's like buying CD, plugging it in, and then having to go buy all the instruments."

In 2011: "This has been an amazing year for technological advancements. The Xbox 360 had Kinect. The PS3 had the Move and the geniuses at Nintendo introduced a red one. Come on, Nintendo. Try!"

Mohr has also hosted events at Blizzcon in recent years. No word on whether that gig will continue.

The Hardwick-hosted awards, called the D.I.C.E. Awards this year instead of the A.I.A.S. Awards will be held on Thursday, Feb. 7 at 10:30pm ET, from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino an will be livestreamed by Variety.

Here are the main nominees for the awards:

Game of the Year Borderlands 2 Far Cry 3 Journey The Walking Dead XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction Journey Dishonored Far Cry 3 The Unfinished Swan The Walking Dead

Outstanding Innovation in Gaming Journey Nintendo Land Sound Shapes The Unfinished Swan The Walking Dead

Action Game of the Year Borderlands 2 Far Cry 3 Halo 4 Hitman: Absolution Sleeping Dogs

Adventure Game of the Year Assassin's Creed III Darksiders II Dishonored New Super Mario Bros. Wii U The Walking Dead

Mobile Game of the Year Fairway Solitaire Hero Academy Horn Rayman Jungle Run

We'll be covering the DICE Summit next month. It's a small show mostly for captains of the gaming industry, and tends to be more of a forum for brainy talks than for game announcements. Plus: Gabe Newell will be going into the summit's Hall of Fame. Not bad!

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    I detest this man's comedy and cringe every time Blizzcon has him back. It makes me debate if we will get the remote view each time, as as much as we love it, he makes some of it very hard to watch, not to mention not anything we want our kids experiencing. The uncomfortable silences and nervous laughter from the crowd always makes me wonder why they keep inviting him, I can only surmise he is either very cheap, or flat out free.

    I agree, each year he was on Blizzcon, i did not find him funny and jokes fell flat everytime but they kept asking him to come back so must have been something didnt see.

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