Jay Z Gets Meets One Of The Best Songs From Chrono Trigger

I wouldn't have immediately thought that Jay-Z and the "Wind Scene" song from Chrono Trigger would make such excellent bedfellows. And yet they really do. 2 Mello has done a mash-up that mixes Jay Z's "Ignorant Shit" and the Wind Scene tune from the game, as well as the version by YouTuber mklachu.

(Lyrics NSFW):

That reminds me: I have to fire Chrono Trigger back up now that I have a 3DS XL. Maybe I'll put on some Jay Z too.


    JayZ gets meets one of the best songs from Chrono Trigger.

    Does this not make sense to anyone else?

      Right? All I got from this was that Chrono Trigger's music is awesome.

        Poor Engrish from Kirk.

          Yep, sure is proof-reading in here!

    Dear lord that is utter cancer. Why anyone listens to such drivel yet alone butchers such an awesome soundrack I cant comprehend.

    As a fan of both Jay-Z and Chrono Trigger I really can't stop listening to this, it is amazing.

    Played it six times already since finding out about it 2 hours ago.

    I have come to terms with these trashy commercial artists ruining today's gaming but I wish they would stay the hell away from the classics.

    Yet another heading that hasn't been checked for grammar.

    I'm with the haters on this one, probably because I'm not much of a Jay Z fan. What I would love to hear though, the Chronotrigger soundtrack covered in Prog Metal.

    I love Chrono Trigger so much I have Frogs theme as my alarm tone and Memories of Green as my ringtone. My wife thinks I'm an idiot but I know I'm awesome. This remix is OK but I think listening to it once will suffice.

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