Jeff Minter Really Doesn't Like IAP

The legendary Llamasoft developer loves retro-styled shoot-em-ups and ungulates of all types. But he's not terribly keen on games with In App Purchases, to put it politely. Or, as in his case, rather bluntly.

Jeff Minter is an absolute legend in the games industry, and, of late, he's been concentrating his development efforts on iPhone games, typically selling them off at the 99c price point in a market that's awash with "free" games that come with an IAP sting. Minter tweets from @llamasoft_ox and earlier today let rip with this particular quip:

"I suppose I could sell tile types and in-level enemy things/toys as IAP. But then again I am not a complete c**t."

That makes his position pretty clear, I'd say. Image: sklathill


    Jeff Minter doesn't really like anything aside from farm animals and psychotropic drugs

    He recently released the source code for his mutant camel game for the konix multi system.

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