Joe Biden Meets With EA, Activision And Other Gaming Reps

Joe Biden Meets With EA, Activision And Other Gaming Reps

Today, US vice president Joe Biden met with video game representatives to talk about the Sandy Hook shooting. Here’s a picture of the meeting in action. Hopefully it went well.

Wondering who’s who? The AP’s caption:

Vice President Joe Biden, centre, speaks during a meeting with representatives from the video game industry in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on the White House complex in Washington, Friday, Jan. 11, 2013. Biden is holding a series of meetings this week as part of the effort he is leading to develop policy proposals in response to the Newtown, Conn., school shooting. From right to left are, Attorney General Eric Holder, Entertainment Software Association President Michael Gallagher, Biden, Electronic Arts Chief Executive Officer John Riccitiello, and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)


  • for the love of every single religious deity, please let the Activision/blizzard rep be mike morhime and not bobby kotick

  • It should totally be Reggie Fils-Aime from nintendo.
    Biden – “So, we hear video games are turning our children into stark raving mad, gun crazy, hormone driven, junk food eating, coke guzzling psychopaths, what do you have to say to this?”
    Reggie- “Don’t look at me, all clean here at nintendo. I do recommend you look at outlawing that Call of Duty “franchise” though, I think almost 10 years is more than enough time beating a dead horse with the anti-innovation rod.

    • I’ll bite.. the meeting is really about “behavior placement”.. which is the politically correct term for propagandizing or brain-washing the public.

  • I foresee things going more along the lines of “So the media says there is a link between violence in video games and violent shootings. So here’s what you’re going to do, you’re going to take out all violence in your games. It’s easier to regulate you guys than it is to do the right thing and regulate firearms.”

    • Both are covered in the Bill of Rights – the question is which lobby group has more influence.
      And there’s probably more money in firearms.

      • Whilst that may be the case, is this twat sitting down with firearms makers (or more to the point resellers) and ‘querying them’?
        I don’t know about you, but from where I’m from, firearms shoot bullets… not video games.

  • Can someone tell me where the photo of him with the top guys of the NRA is? No? It doesn’t exist… well what about representatives from the firearms companies? No? Doesn’t exist again? Forgive me, I forgot about how guns and an organization pressuring for their presence in society has absolutely nothing to do with violent rampages involving firearms. How silly of me… O_o

    On a serious note this is appalling. The only issues involved in incidences like this are the availability of firearms and mental health, nothing more and nothing less. Pretty sad to see every issue is being targeted except the obvious fundamental concerns.

  • The best thing i’ve seen about this was a Tweet.. I don’t remember who by, but it was essentially:
    “Joe Biden wants to meet with game developers about gun reform. This is like talking to Hotwheels about car safety.”

  • The whole violent video games causes mass shootings argument makesa lot more sence if you forget that the rest of the world also consumes violent media yet don’t shoot ther school children.

    In australia we love our murder simulators and we have crappy mental health systems, Which leaves the only difference between the US and us is thier guns.

    • id say the mental health system in australia is that much better than the US one, for starters, if ur diagnoised with having a mental health condition, chances are ur on a disability pension for it, and u get most medicine for $5.90. compared to $200+ in the US if ur not in private health care for the same medicine. then again, whether u TAKE the medicine is of another matter.

      Then again i dont know how much psychotropic drugs cost in the united states, i only know what they cost here.

  • See this shooting while a tradgty it is an American problem. Here in Australia we had our gun problems, and we regulated guns as guns were the problem. If they regulate games it will effect the whole world, while still not stopping these gun crimes. No one needs military grade weapons or full auto rifles just to go hunting.

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