Joe Biden Wants To Meet With Video Game Reps Over Gun Control

Joe Biden Wants To Meet With Video Game Reps Over Gun Control

Later this week, US Vice President Joe Biden will be hosting a panel looking at ways to reduce the level of gun violence in the United States. According to a report on Bloomberg, he’s invited the NRA, along with “gun-control advocates, victims of shootings and representatives of the movie and video game industry”.

Note this isn’t some form of witch-hunt or blame game; as you can tell from the scope of parties invited, it’s an attempt to get everyone in the debate together and try to work out whether things like mental health programs and firearms restrictions can help put a stop to tragic events like the recent Newtown school shooting.

It’s unknown at this time just which video game representatives have been invited to attend, or whether the report means a representative body such as the ESA.

Biden Task Force Plans Session With NRA on Gun Measures [Bloomberg]


  • Yeah, I don’t think anything will come from this. The entertainment industry will say that they aren’t to blame because the kid had mental health issues, likely pointing the finger at guns as well, and that there’s no causal link between entertainment violence and the erosion of people’s moral compass. The gun people will say they aren’t to blame, and that if everyone of those children had guns they probably wouldn’t have died. They’ll probably point their finger at games.

    Everyone will leave the conference agreeing (reluctantly or not) that lack of mental health services is the main problem.

  • I find this kind of deflective pandering a bit amusing. There are things that games and films are very guilty of to greater degrees even before I would start looking at portrayal of small arms. I am a proponent of somehow diminishing ‘Mericans insane love of guns but this is the same merry-go-round that starts spinning every few years. Arms = big business, big business rules most of ‘Mericans decision making. Entertainment is also big business… flak taken, brushed off… nothing changes. Cycle resets.

    Weirdly, one of the best things that the film and games industry could do is show the bloody horrific consequences of all violence to the realistic extremes. We have ratings and censors that in fact have some guilt in how we glamorise violence to the point it may seem glorious and heroic at all times. We take a lot of the horror out of violence in an effort to get the meaty conflict (the primary source of all great storytelling) to pass the censors. We keep the excitement but shelve the consequence and even make jokes to, ‘lighten the scene’. Some realism may actually serve to curb enthusiasm for armed conflict. I don’t want to scar people but there have been no greater anti-violence advocates then those who have seen the true hells of conflict. Or start making ads like the drunk driving ones.

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