Joe Biden Will Meet With Video Gaming’s Chief Lobbyist On Friday

Joe Biden Will Meet With Video Gaming’s Chief Lobbyist On Friday

The head of the Entertainment Software Association, Michael Gallagher, will be meeting with vice president Joe Biden on Friday as part of the US Vice President’s efforts to find sensible actions that could avert future tragedies like the Sandy Hook Shooting.

The ESA confirmed the meeting but did not offer any further detail about their expectations for their chat with Biden. The ESA is the US gaming industry’s lobbying group. Most major publishers, including EA, Take Two, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are members. The ESA stages the annual E3 trade show and also successfully defended the industry at the US Supreme Court a couple of years ago, protecting games’ status as protected speech.

Biden met with members of the National Rifle Association today.

There had been calls for the gaming industry to skip the meeting with Biden, as no concrete connections between gaming and Sandy Hook have been made.

We reached out to representatives from major gaming publishers yesterday to find out who was invited to meet with Biden and who was taking up the offer. Nintendo and Microsoft referred us to the ESA. Sony, EA and Take Two did not respond to our inquiry.

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  • Why are they even meeting? They cannot accomplish anything due to research showing there is no link between video games and violence

    • Except it will affect us in a big way if anything drastic happens. A massive portion of our games are made in the US. Even for games made outside the US, it’s the biggest English-speaking market, so project and localisation viability hinge closely upon whatever happens over there. Don’t get me wrong – I’m the first to to get pissed off by “America is the only country in the world”-type articles, but the repercussions of policy changes there will ripple through pretty much everywhere apart from Japan and some Asian countries which are mostly self-sustaining.

  • Yeah, we have gun games, but don’t have guns, so we don’t have gun violence, funny that. It’s as if guns are the cause of gun violence or something, weird huh?

    • Look if there was a link between guns and gun violence surely an organisation like the NRA would have found it right. Guns and gun violence aren’t related, guns are safe for kids of all ages, as long as they don’t play Video Games.

      • Cos I’m sure the NRA are an understanding organization that care about the right thing for the people.
        Oh wait, these are the guys that want to arm school teachers and have armed guards patrol the schools. And they were the first to point the finger at video games for the cause of the Connecticut shooting.

  • Sorry and the government is including VG reps in this gun control debate because??

    Oh wait maybe they’ll do another string of those cheesey arcade ads like back in the 80’s/90’s where you see a screen at loading where it says “Winners Don’t Use Drugs!” cept it’ll be more along the lines of “Winner’s Don’t Do RL Gun Rampages!”

    This honestly just smacks of political point scoring now mainly because VG is *still* the current media whipping boy of this gen. Lucky for us hopefully this will all be replaced within 2 generations or so…

  • Violent games do make people more aggressive, I would say they don’t, but if I did it would only be because I don’t want them to take my games away.
    I think the chances of someone being so influenced that might harm someone are very low, but there is still that chance there, after all 50’s movie stars inspired people to become smokers, the media can make people do a lot of things, people buy shitty steam mops all the time from the tv.
    Video games are also a type of media that people can be influenced by.

    I think it’s weird the same governments who don’t think twice about droning innocent men women and children, killing thousands of people in real life have a problem with us pretending to do nothing nearly as heinous in a video game.

  • Mentally unstable and un-nurtured children kill people. Ban all irresponsible parents, and the problem will disappear

    • What about manufactured mental instability? Bullies cause this and soon the solution becomes do I kill myself or do I kill the bully.

      Years of physical and emotional torment will screw you up, no matter how stable you where to begin with. There’s a culture of silence with bullying and the smarter bullies (cause it’s not always the dumb brutes) make themselves look innocent or make the person being bullied appear to be the aggressor to the teachers. Problem is 7 vs 1 and the teacher tends to believe the 7.

      Makes it seem weird, I need a License to own a Dog or a Cat but any idiot can have a kid. If you mistreat an animal you can be banned for life from owning one. If you mistreat a kid they try to keep the family together.

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