Kids Play Call Of Duty, Get Raided By Police

Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan is reporting that over the weekend a group of kids playing Call of Duty got a little more than they bargained for when they got all excited about the game.

When one of the teenagers was killed in a round, he jokingly fell to the ground and started screaming "HELP HELP HELP". Passersby heard his screams, and thinking they were real, called emergency services, who sent a police unit to the house.

Opening the front door to greet them, the kids were yelled at to put their hands on their heads, before the cops ordered them outside and had them lie down on the ground.

The kids were soon able to explain what had happened though, after which they were allowed to go back inside and keep playing. Presumably a bit more sensibly this time.

Police raid flat to find war game-playing teens [The Local]


    That's pretty extreme isn't it? After receiving a random phonecall they go raid a house with guns. Maybe I should make some phonecalls to the police saying I heard children crying at people's houses that I don't like.

      I wouldn't joke about that. It happens. The police also need to respond to every emergency call unless the operator is 100% certain it is a hoax. There have been situations where the operator believed the call to be a hoax, when tragically it wasn't. I know you have tongue in cheek, but I don't blame the police for responding. It could have been anything, but thankfully just a false alarm.

      At 1.30 in the morning a few years ago I was playing a video game and was taken out of it by the phone continuously ringing. When I answered it, a woman with a very soothing voice asked me my name and asked if anybody in the house was hurt. About 30 seconds later I realised I was on the phone with a hostage negotiator. Ten minutes later my sister, brother in law and I were standing out the front in our pyjamas on a -2 degree night as the response team (basically a swat team with auto's and riot shields) swept our house. And all that because some random had prank called the police, picked our address at random, and said there was somebody with a gun and hostages inside. I was playing playing minecraft at the time, so it wasn't even my yelling and cursing that incited it. But it does happen.
      It was both awesome and horrifying. So... maybe don't do it to other people?

    This has already been posted on this site!

    Better than being raped with a cheese grater by your friends when they find out you play CoD. That didn't ever happen though. To anyone.

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