Legendary Sega Consoles Turned Into Colourful Anime Ladies

Legendary Sega Consoles Turned Into Colourful Anime Ladies

In fan art, there is a long, proud history of turning video game consoles into female anime characters. This is not fan art.

Sega is releasing a set of downloadable content for its free-to-play PS Vita game Samurai & Dragons. The set of 13 character cards are personifications of Sega’s game consoles. They’re dubbed “Segakko” (セガっ子) or “Sega Girls”. According to SGCafe, there’s also a set of characters based on Sega’s arcade boards.

In Japan, personifications of consoles are given a “-tan” honorific. “Tan” is a cute way to say the affectionate honorific “chan”.


The art is by Kei, who did the designs for virtual idol Hatsune Miku. Since Sega is releasing this set of DLC, I would assume that these designs are, by default, the official “tan” versions of consoles like the Dreamcast, the Master System, and the SG-1000.

All of Sega’s 13 consoles, 12 arcade boards personified in Samurai & Dragons collaboration card pack [SGCafe via Japanator]


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