Let's Go Back To Final Fantasy Tactics

The time has come. The time when I will finally play Final Fantasy Tactics. It's been a blind spot for years, a game that I have wanted to play ever since I became terribly addicted to Final Fantasy Tactics A2 on the Nintendo DS.

And now, at the start of 2013, I am going to play it. I'll be playing the PSP version of the game, writing about it here, talking with our resident FFT expert Jason Schreier, and generally taking us all on a trip back to Ivalice (for the first time.)

But before all that, I wanted to share and talk about the freakin' intro to the game, which is one of the most gorgeous and interesting opening cinematics I've ever seen. Everything is just outstanding, from the Bells of Mystery to the Disney Build of "Square Enix Presents" to the Triumphal Theme of "Welcome To The Main Menu." Last week, I was raging about this intro to Jason, and his response: "They don't make 'em like this anymore."

They sure don't. I have a feeling that every time someone shares this intro cinematic, 10 people begin replaying Final Fantasy Tactics. (Sorry! Or: You're welcome!) I'm six hours in already, and going deeper every day. Looks like I'm going to be spending a lot of my time in January walking in place, holding up potions above my head, and preparing spells. Won't you join me?


    Biggest disappointment was when the remake was not ported to PS3, but got a release on PSP.

    That said still didn't stop me from getting it on PSP. :S

    I prefer Tactics Advance, and hope there's a third one coming to 3ds

      Same here. Can't quite place why, think it might have just been with how slow everything took to happen, coupled by the lack of a judge system. FF:TA, I played over 1000 hours on that sucker (buses were a big mode of transportation then in my life) and nothing I've played has come close. Heck, I even kept playing the optional mini-missions and such after completing the main story and I've never done that before or since.

      We need more Tactical games, XCom was a blast!

        That's exactly how I think of FFTactics from PS1/PSP - slow, sluggish (I particularly hated how spells took a couple of rounds, and usually when the spell went off the target would've moved away. How am I supposed to know where a target may end up moving to??) I much liked the instant cast in FFTAdvanced. Also the whole zodiac thing just confused the heck out of me (where one is weaker against another and other conditions).
        I also like the art style of FFTactics Advance. Though it would be kinda cool if they went semi realistic or use the style from FF12.
        I too have played hours and hours of the game (and fondly remember playing the first one and making this super duper Numou multi class character that just kicked ass!!).
        So yea, I hope a 3rd one comes to 3DS :) I'd absolutely love it!!

    Loved the original PS1 version. I've got the PSP re-release for a while now, really ought to play it again one day. FFTA was a huge let down for me...

    After watching this I distinctly remember letting that opening cinematic play multiple times intentionally, and even on multiple playthroughs.

    F**K YES! I love all the FFT series. Now if only they made a new one for 3DS or something that has global play (with regular balancing of course).

    I've been trying to purchase a cheap preowned PSP for the sole purpose of playing FFT. I've played and loved FFTA and FFTA2, so it's time to get back to it's roots!
    ...maybe after I spend some money XD

    After playing every single FFT known to man ( I love em ok) I cant help but say dammit i need a vita :c.... But I agree ffta/ffta2 were deffinitely the best of the lot and i cant wait for it on 3DS.

    hehe i started A2 last week and have to say the gameplay system is much more polished in War of the Lions, ie archers gain range if they are higher up, guns shoot in direct line so no more shooting through ur team mates or walls. i find a2 has its own challenge though since gear is harder to get.

    + in Lions you'll become a kleptomaniac with all those abilities to steal specific armor types :D

    After playing FFT/FFTA2 first, I went back to this a couple of years ago, fully expecting to love it. I eventually stopped playing because I seemed to be hitting walls very early on that only grinding could overcome. I know that's the point in SRPG sometimes but the battles were so long, I couldn't handle it. So far, I've started and stopped playing twice. Recently started Tactics Ogre, and in comparison that feels like a faster SRPG. I'm looking forward to reading about your play through.

    Accumulate becomes your friend, this was always the first skill I'd get on my squires. Make's grinding a little easier / quicker.

    Ive been playing FFTA2 sine last year. Loved A1, but moved to A2 purely because I was too excited.

    Looking to finish A2 then go back to A1, and waste my time away! haha. Didnt know people in this world were still playing it :P

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