Let’s Identify The Games In Capcom’s Upcoming Anniversary Collection

Let’s Identify The Games In Capcom’s Upcoming Anniversary Collection

Video game maker Capcom is 30 years old. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the company is looking back to its roots. Capcom is releasing the Capcom Arcade Cabinet Retro Game Collection: a collection of Capcom games from the 8-bit era.

Capcom producer Kenji Kataoka spoke with Japanese game magazine Weekly Famitsu about the upcoming game collection, also releasing a vague silhouette image (see above) of the games that will be included.

According to Kataoka, the collection will include games from the very early days of Capcom. All of the them will be playable in their original form; even the original bugs will be included to allow players to experience all aspects of the games. Optional features will also be included to alter the difficulty (as some games were brutally unforgiving) and allow casual players to enjoy them without having to throw their controllers across the room, as many of us did back in the day.

The game collection will be available for download on the PlayStation Network Store and Xbox Live Marketplace (no news on the Wii or Wii U). One of the games, Black Dragon (Or Black Tiger as it was known in the west) will be made available as a free to play demo. No details have been released on how many other games will be included. Kataoka stated that they have not decided whether to make the games in the collection available as a bundle, or individually.

Further details on the Arcade Cabinet will be announced on February 7th. As of now, the only game in the collection that has been officially announced is the above-mentioned Black Dragon, but long-time fans of Capcom may be able to recognise some of the others from the silhouette image above. I’ve managed to spot a couple I recognise. How about you?

カプコン アーケード キャビネット -レトロゲームコレクション- 公式サイト [CAPCOM] 『カプコン アーケード キャビネット』カプコン創業30周年を記念して8ビット機時代のタイトルをオンライン配信e [ファミ通.com]


  • Pretty sure that’s Ghosts N Goblins (or maybe Ghouls n Ghosts) at the front there. And 1942 and/or 1943 over at the right. Bionic Commando at bottom right? Commando near the left.

  • Looks like it’s all older based PCB games – so none of the CP System games like King of Dragons, Warriors of Fate etc. So my guess it will all be pre 1988 games – which also potentially rules out Ghouls ‘n Ghosts & Forgotten worlds which were the first 2 to use CPS-1.

    I’d like to see them include LED Storm – Oh man how I loved that game. Though to be honest I thought is played better on C64 than at the arcade.

  • Gunsmoke is in there. The cowboy on the horse. if was 16 bit arcade, it would be Sunset Riders.
    1942 as well (or 19XX in Japan). the plane on the far right.
    Possible Magic Sword at the front but that was more a 16 bit game.

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