LG Will Turn Your Mobile Games Into 4K Games

LG Will Turn Your Mobile Games Into 4K Games

One of the worst things about mobile gaming is the tiny size of the screen. LG is proposing something a little crazy though: it wants to upscale mobile smartphone games onto its massive, 84-inch 4K TV.

As with most things, there are a few catches here. You won’t just be able to go and get any old game and turn it into a 4K masterpiece. LG’s ultra-high definition TV will turn 1080p content into 4K, and while the company was pretty sketchy on details, it’s worth assuming that you’ll need a 1080p mobile game to begin with.

You’ll mirror the high-def game onto the TV via LG’s latest hero smartphone, the Optimus G, and based on how hard the company is going towards getting you into its ecosystem, its a fair bet it’ll only work on that phone too.


  • Meh. I know mobile is moving quickly – but I think this may be one step further than consumers are happy to go on a wide scale. There’s a lot to be said for setting the next trend, but with 4k displays horrifically expensive, and LG phones not really killing it in terms of market share, I don’t see this going anywhere in the immediate future.

    • Is anyone excited to re-buy their blu rays just so they can sit 5cm away from their tv? Is any one excited for next gens consoles not being able to pull off 4k like this gen couldn’t really pull of 1080p?

  • Why would I want to play a mobile game on a big screen? Consoles and PCs have it covered. I only tolerate the type of games on mobiles and tablets when I don’t have access to superior games (lunch break, painful boring waits at doctors, etc). Lame idea.

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