LittleBigPlanet Devs Want You To Spread The Plague In Death Inc

What do you do after helping craft some of the cuddliest, most heart-warming games of this past generation? If you're the guys at Ambient Studios — some of whom worked at Media Molecule on the big-hearted LittleBigPlanet games — it's making a game about Death and the horrors of the bubonic plague.

Death Inc imagines shuffling off the mortal coil as an industry and tasks players with killing as many people as they can in 17th-century England. You control Grim T. Livingstone, a freelance Reaper running a small business as he competes in soul harvesting against the Ministry of Mortality. Despite the grim subject matter, cartoony concept art from the in-development game seems to be light-hearted in he same vein as LBP. In fact, it look a little like Tearaway, the delightful Vita game that Media Molecule is currently working on.

Ambient is promising a streamlined strategy experience which, combined with the lovely looks of Death Inc, sounds great. They're launching a Kickstarter to finish up development and are currently saying the game will be out for PC and Mac.


    Again with kickstarter? Seriously? Why the hell do successful dev companies need our money for anything other than purchasing the comete game when it's released?

      Agreed, they should be ashamed. A lot of small developers and hobbyists could really use this service to make a career for themselves. Soon it'll be over saturated by projects like the one listed above.
      I can only speak for myself and I wont be funding or buying this or anything else made by any large developers through kickstarter.

    I hear Microsoft and Sony are running Kickstarter campaigns for their next generation of consoles...

      Wouldn't surprise me at all.

    Have you considered the fact that publishers don't like the idea and that they need money to get the game to print.

    Why don't Publishers like the idea because it's a new IP, because they don't like the concept, because nobody else is doing anything like this.

    Publishers the reason for stagnation in the industry.

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