Lordy, The Last Of Us Art Book Is Scary/Beautiful

The Last of Us comes out on May 7, and there's still lots of mystery surrounding the post-apocalyptic world of Naughty Dog's upcoming PS3 game. A few glimpses of The Last of Us' ruined world have surfaced, but you'll get a chance to a deep look at the making of the game's ravaged world, along with design work for Joel and Ellie in The Art of The Last of Us.

The hardcover art book releases on July 2 and will be published by Dark Horse, the same company doing Last of Us prequel comics. Readers will see how the look of the destroyed landscapes and the fungus-controlled enemies developed, and get insights on Naughty Dog's creative process. You can pre-order the book on Amazon.


    oh... I didn;t even know this game was going the paranormal angle, little disappointed but still keen

      Naughty Dog seem to like to chuck that kind of stuff in.

        apparently so, i mean i know they do it in the Uncharted series, but that always seemed to add to the Indiananess of it all, but I was hoping for more just grtitty reality stuff from this game

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    Hopefully this will be available in Australia!

      You can buy it separately at Amazon/BookDepo (usual book sites) but what annoys me is that the Survival Edition (the special edition of the game that comes with the art book and more) is only available in the US :(

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        www.bookdepository.co.uk is my book store of choice, they have HEAPS of game related stuff (including all the uncharted art books) so they should get this.

    I wish Amazon shipped the Survival Edition to Aus :'(. It's much cheaper than buying the game and art book separately and also comes with more bonuses (like the soundtrack).


    WHAT THE SHIT! As I was getting that link I just saw that it's available now!??!?!ADjbkduibasdaldiabwdi PRE-ORDER[RE-PORDEDEREDERERR

    @jimu @notoriousr

    oh man... huge false alarm. It used to say "Sorry this item is available only within the US" then it changed to "select countries outside the US" but that doesn't include Australia :(. Back to being sad...

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    Looks awesome... Pitty it's console exclusive, not buying a console for it...

      Same here. I've really loved everything I've seen about this game, but no PC release makes me sad :(

    Man, why is that top image NOT the boxart image? Craziness!

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