Mad Father Is A Creepy, Free JRPG With A Retro Look And Feel

It's been a while since I looked at a 90's style JRPG, mainly because it's no longer the 90s, but any game that describes itself with the words "free", "horror" and "adventure" is worth spending a few minutes checking out.

Such is Mad Father, a game developed by a fellow called Sen and translated into English by "vgperson". According to DSO Gaming, Mad Father follows a girl called Aya and her mad scientist father (hence the name) and the "dark experiments" he conducts. Multiple endings and side-quests are on offer, so it's not just a by-the-numbers RPG you'll discard once you make it to the end.

If you'd like to check it out, there are a few screenshots available and a play-through video for the curious below. The game itself weighs in at a bit under 50MB, and can be downloaded via Mediafire or Filefactory.

Mad Father [vgperson's Stuff, via DSO Gaming]


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