Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Outages Hitting Australia Hard?

A rather lengthy thread on EA's support forums suggests that Australian gamers trying to get some multiplayer Mass Effect action on over the holiday period have been met with outages or lost character equipment.

It's not entirely clear at this stage if it's an issue with ISP routing or something at EA's end; I've put a request through with EA for official comment on the case and will let you know when and if there's any statement made, but the best checking that players have done suggest that it's related to access to a US-based backbone provider, Level 3.

As with all the worst kinds of technical problems, it seems to be intermittent — some folk are having problems only at certain times of day, others only having problems with the online pass not verifying problem, while others seem to be connecting smoothly. Any Kotaku readers pining for some Mass Effect multiplayer experiencing this issue?

Thanks to David for the tip!

[EA Answer HQ]


    i was on and had no weekend challange. didn't actually notice any missing gear but didnt really look

      there's no weekend challenge for 28-30dec and jan 4-6. they're on holidays.

    I had a related issue around xmas. I still hadn't picked up the DLCs for Mass Effect 3 and decided to play those over the holiday break. It was impossible to buy bioware points and/or download the DLCs (on pc). I was so invested in doing this I even hit up the dude next door for some different internet to see if it was specific to my ISP but nope.

    I tried a couple of multiplayer matches with varied success, I attempted to play 5 or 6 times. The client actually hooked me up with a decent game once or twice, but would fail more often than not.

    People play the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer? I'm genuinely surprised.

      They do, because it's awesome. Didn't you try it?

        Nope. I try not to support the redundant inclusion of multiplayer in single player games as it wastes precious developer man hours on what's usually a tacked on feature that only exists so that the publisher can mention it on the box. I don't think it's cost me many worthwhile gaming experiences in the past.

        The thing that surprises me about this though is that, even when some time and effort is put into the multiplayer, as sounds like has been the case here, the player bases usually die off really quickly and it becomes impossible to find games, particularly local games after a few weeks.

          i dont often have trouble at all getting games in mulriplayer. i sometime get put in a game midway through but that is never really that bad. i think it may have dropped off a bit with borderlands 2 coming out but i have gone back to ME3 but not BL2 and i loved BL2.

          i think they got the difficulty right. im not the best player but i can play a bronze match solo and if im matched with even an average group can beat a silver gold requires good teamwork to survive and that is not alway true and i havent event tried a platinum i know i would be more a hinderance than a help

      Yeah, I, someone who doesn't really get drawn into online multiplayer as it is, and flat-out HATED the idea of Mass Effect multiplayer, am currently obsessed with it. It's damn good and as long as they never think "Maybe we should add deathmatch, because, you know, Call Of Duty.", it's only going to get better in future releases.

    Was very frustrating. Couldn't get on almost at all. Tried all kinds of Things...port forwarding, reinstalling, disabling cloud syncing, punching the screen, etc.... Contacted EA and they were worthless. Thankfully I have a VPN so put that on and have been playing in us servers since without an issue. Faster than ever actually

    I stopped playing ME3's multiplayer ages ago. I would have liked to play it some more, especially since new characters and maps have come out, but it was just way too laggy.

    I was playing this over the last 2 days, I saw some Major lag spikes during my playsessions, one match I literally could no do anything at all and got kicked, Another time the same thing happened but it managed to fix itself before the match was through. Thankfully I haven't had any loss of equipment though, I just bought one of the more expensive item packs and I'd be mighty steamed if I lost all that progress.

    Mass Effect 3 multi player was what I played at the time of original release and it took a week before the equipment bug hit my character and destroyed all my progress. It took EA three to four weeks to work out the problem, but during that time it had completely spoiled my gaming experience.
    The fact this critical bug pops up almost a year later really shows how sloppy EA and Bioware are. I'd give em credit for the people who enjoyed the fixed multiplayer since the beginning, but their track record for helping you reclaimed the stuff that's wiped is going to be abysmal.

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