Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Winners!

As always, we had a stack of entries to win the ultimate Mass Effect: Paragon Lost anime fan pack. Thankfully, we also have 10x Blu-ray or DVDs to give away. So who won?

Paragon Lost tells a story about Vega and his squad of special forces as they fight against the Collectors. The feature-length anime hails from FUNimation and Production I.G., the studio behind anime ranging from Ghost in the Shell to Kill Bill’s animation sequence.


Main Prize Pack: @blizzardreno

An anime focused on the origins of the shadowbroker, before and after he was replaced by the yahg and in turn liara. the shadowbroker has been present in every game, but apart from what we got in the mass effect 2 dlc, we know little about him, and even less about him before he was replaced by the yahg. He has hundreds if not thousands of agents all over the galaxy? who are they? we know of spectres like tela vasir and drell like feron but who else does he have in his pocket? it could even incorporate some of what was done in the comics regarding shepards body retrieval after mass effect 1. I think a story like that would be more interesting than Vega’s encounter with the collectors on Fehl prime, something that was pretty much explained well enough in the game to not really warrant an anime. But the origins and history of the shadow broker? hell yeah.

• Mass Effect: Paragon Lost on DVD or Blu-ray (valued at $29.99 DVD/$34.99 BR) • Commander Shepard Play Arts Kai Action Figure ($89.99) • Mass Effect - The Art Of Mass Effect Universe Hard Cover Book ($49.99) • Mass Effect - SSV Normandy SR2 Ship Replica ($39.99) • Mass Effect – Paragon Patch ($5.99) • Mass Effect 3 for PC from EA ($29) • Mass Effect - Book 1# Revelation (Paperback) ($19.99)


10x Runners-Up Prizes • 10x runners up will receive a copy of Mass Effect: Paragon Lost on their choice of Blu-ray or DVD.

@Beredan: Kasumi Goto should get a animated movie on her and Keijis past. I have a thing for Japanese girls with a penchant for kleptomania!

@aidan: Refund Guy - he wants his money back, and *nobody* is going to dismiss his claim. In an age when standards of service are slipping all over the galaxy, one brave soul dared to stand up and say: no more! No longer would he bow to byzantine return policies, retailer obfuscation or demands for proof of purchase. A champion of the slighted customer was needed, and Refund Guy answered the call. His epic quest to get a refund spanned all three games, a procession of unhelpful salespeople, the Reaper invasion and an attempted coup on the Citadel. If any story deserves adaptation to an anime, it’s the tale of this heroic human’s three-year journey to return his toaster. Be thrilled by his initial purchase, dismayed by his realisation that it didn’t work, and uplifted by his determination to see the refund through! Watch as Refund Guy suffers from self-doubt and emotional turmoil – should he keep trying or surrender to injustice? – and cheer at his inevitable triumph over the greedy retail stores. While Vega battled the Collectors and Shepard fought for the future of all organic life, Refund Guy made sure that the citizens of the galaxy could purchase things without fear. For that, his tale is an example to us all.

@yuio678: Legion: the seemingly sentient Geth entity. It would be quite unique and refreshing to see a new animated tale detailing the journey Legion takes between the events of Mass Effect 1 and 2. Focusing on an "inorganic" character in the series would be quite enlightening in terms of seeing the experiences of someone who stands on the other side of the old "organics vs inorganics" debate instigated by the Reapers several times during the games. Besides developing an intriguing character who poses very philosophical topics concerning machines, a Legion anime film or even short mini-series could potentially explore more of the dynamic between the Geth and the Quarians. This ultimately would allow more discussion on what were the relationships between living beings and machines like in the Mass Effect universe, possibly touching a little bit on the Leviathans.

@pfhorunner: Javik. He is the only living Prothean left of his race. A anime movie or series staring Javik would give us a much closer look at how the galaxy existed in his time. We could learn how the Protheans lived, how they interacted with each other and other races from their time and how they fought and died in their final war with the Reapers. A anime movie could also explore Javik’s personal experiences, his ship and crew, their indoctrination and how he is eventually forced to kill them. Javik also has unique insights into the Reapers themselves which could also be explored in a anime movie, his experiences on the battlefield, fighting the Reapers themselves and fighting their indoctrinated soldiers. Javik also has unique, unusual and sometimes funny observations about the races that exist in the current time and what they were like in his time. It would be potentially hilarious to see species present in the games as they were 50,000 years ago. An anime movie about Javik could give us all a lot of insight into one of Mass Effect 3′s most celebrated characters.

@beardy mcmuttonchops: Mordin Solus. He was the very model of a scientist Salarian. Mordin Solus is not just one of the best characters in the Mass Effect series, but one of the very best fictional characters I’ve had the joy of witnessing. I put him in the same league as Severus Snape and Ellen Ripley as examples of how character design should be done. Throughout Mass Effect 2 and 3 we see him struggling with choices he made in his previous life as a Salarian special forces Commando and condemning millions of Krogan children to death through his modification of the genophage. But everything he ever did was not about personal gain, greed or his own pride. It was about the greater good of the galaxy. His decisions took into account the impacts on the scale of civilisations, not on petty things like revenge. He was a sublimely written character who seemed much more compelling than most of the other cast. I want to see Mordin as a special forces Commando. I want to see Mordin wrestling with the decision to modify the genophage. I just want more Mordin. “Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.”

@Redartifice: I actually think The Major from Ghost in the Shell would be an interesting fit with the themes of Mass Effect. As a cyborg she would have an interesting perspective to give on the whole "people vs machines" aspect of the series. Think about it: -EDI is machine made flesh, the major is flesh made machine -Miranda is bioengineered to be perfect, whereas the major is mechanically engineered beyond what a human body can be engineered to -Similar to Tali, the Major is inside a "shell" - She's a lawful good cop, as opposed to Garrus, who's a chaotic or neutral good cop -She can turn invisible, like Kasumi, but uses it to enforce the law The Major. Perfect fit.

@Arcz: An anime set after 3 that focuses on how Shepard's death has effected each of the remaining main characters. We would see how they've grown since Shepard's death, but each character would also have a flashback to a previous mission with Shepard. A mission that hasn't been in the games. Each of these missions could be animated by different anime companies (EA has done this in the past with Dead Space). For example, Garrus's could be done by Production I.G. and Tali's by Gainax or something. Then, as a tie in to the anime, Bioware can release these "remembrance missions" as a DLC mission pack for Mass Effect 3. Of course you could still make decisions and change the story if you wanted, or you could follow the anime.

@tweedledee: Easy. The Shadow Broker. So much scope for a thriller with some action, mystery and drama all thrown in. Heaps of setting and interesting side characters (informants) are achievable. If an anime got the same fascinating scope of narrative as the DLC then I'd pay to watch it any day.

@hansolo: Snow White and the Seven Volus Snow White, an Asari maiden, is born with a rare defect in which her skin is white as snow. Renowned across the galaxy for her ethereal beauty and her seven brave Volus bodyguards, Snow White enjoys a life of luxury and pleasure. But good things do not always last. Sha’ira the Consort is wracked by envy and hatred for young Snow White. Her clients are abandoning her for the young beauty. Driven mad by her envy, Sha’ira plans to kill Snow White to take back her place as the galaxies Number One Most Desirable.

@cram05: A family comedy staring Wrex and his wife Eve trying to raise 20+ rascal krogan kids! All of whom get up to mischief and mayhem the whole family can watch, such as starting interstellar conflicts, genocide, violent assault and whoopee cushions. Guest staring Garrus as the creepy uncle who has grown bored with his life after saving the galaxy and developed an alcohol addiction.


    Congrats! This comp was too hard for me - you guys are so imaginative :)

    Awesome sauce. Looking forward to receiving the Blu Ray. At least the guy who beat me had the same idea. That's something I suppose :P

    Shattered my rana thanoptis didn't even nab a runner up. The judge must have been a cold hard renegade and shot her on sight and not seen the deep potential of the character! Congrats all winners!

    I'm a man of few words.... Thank you.

    oh my gosh! I do believe I have not won any internet competition for years!
    *dance* (_/^_^)_/
    *dance* \_(^_^\_)
    Congratulations to all who participated and I hope everyone had fun! :)

    Wow I can't believe I won! Congratulations everyone else! :D

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