Meet One Of The Bosses In Capcom's Futuristic Action Game Remember Me

Here's the official video description, via Capcom: "Journey with Nilin in a brand new Remember Me gameplay video through Neo-Paris' St Michel district before she comes face to face with one of the game's unique bosses, Kid Xmas."

"He isn't interested if Nilin has been naughty or nice as Kid Xmas is only here to deliver a beat down live on the Neo-Paris TV network.""

Naughty or nice! Xmas! Get it?

Remember Me is out this May for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. It looks pretty damn cool from what we've seen so far.


    Deus Ex much? I didnt ask for this...

      I never asked for how many people get this quote wrong.

    Kid Xmas.... what the hell is wrong with people?

    To be honest looks like a mixture of Oni/Syndicate 2012/Dues Ex: HR.

    The combat looks boring already, nothing about this seems very interesting unfortunately ...

    Was that the same voice actor as the Goliath in Borderlands 2? Time for squishing!

    This looks somewhat interesting - happy to give this a go.

    Aw man so looking forward to this game o.0

    Aw, loving the futuristic GiTS/Deus Ex:HR vibe, but the beat-em-up action and the ridiculously silly bosses kind of steer me away.

    I want another HR so badly.

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