Metal Gear Cosplay… It Can’t Be!

Metal Gear Cosplay… It Can’t Be!

Oh, but it is. Beloved by fans, you can bet that there’s a seemingly endless well of Metal Gear cosplay, especially ones that bring Snake to life. Snake? SNAKE?! SNAAAAAAAAKE!!!!!!

Last year, Kotaku collected some, not all, of the best cosplay of Raiden from Metal Gear Solid. This time, it’s Snake’s turn, with wonderful internet cosplayers breathing realism or putting their own spin on Metal Gear.

In the Metal Gear games, there are multiple characters with “Snake” in their name, whether that’s Solid Snake, Naked Snake, or Old Snake (who is really an elder Solid Snake), among other Snake characters like Liquid Snake and Santa Snake. Santa Snake? SANTA SNAKE?! SANTA SNAAAAAAAAKE!!!!!!





















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