Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Compared On PS3 And Xbox 360

Yes, Raiden's return to a starring role in a Metal Gear game features a seemingly unkillable cat. But which console will all that hacking and slashing look best on?

CVG offers up the same in-game sequence as played on both the PS3 and Xbox 360. If you've got both the Microsoft and Sony game machines in your home, this just might help you figure out what platform your cyborg ninja experience belongs on.


    Close enough that most people, including myself, wouldnt be able to tell which was which without seeing a logo or the console running it. Sure you can spot a few subtle differences if youre looking for them, but its not different enough to notice while actively gaming or viewing passively without a frame of reference.

      At least is wasn't as biased as the Borderlands 2 comparison where they would freeze frame the Xbox 360 every time before the textures popped in.

    Actually, I can clearly see a difference, the graphics are a little sharper on the Xbox 360 (especially in the begin when he talks with Boris).

      Only Difference is the Higher Quality Cutscenes on PS3 cos of the Blu-rays...

    Practically identical. Graphics comparisons are no longer viable at this point in this generation of consoles

    honestly, i cant really tell the diff at all, maybe a little more fluid on the 360, but huge diff from the test demo they did on the design hardware... stupid crappy consoles :P

    Textures are a lot sharper and less "muddier" on the xbox, but its really not an issue

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