Miiverse Moments: Pro Bass Pizza Wisdom

The MiiVerse on the Wii U can be a terrifying & wonderful place. We here at Kotaku feel like it deserves a little more attention. So in that vein, we're starting a series called Miiverse Moments, where we shine a spotlight on the good, the bad and the weird of Nintendo's social media platform.

Today's MiiVerse Moment is a bit of Zen wisdom from the foul depths of the Rapala Pro Bass Fishing community. Contemplate this absurdist, cheesy koan and ask yourself "What the hell would possess you to post that on the Rapala Pro Bass Fishing community?" :

Miiverse Moments is an ongoing series showcasing the best, the worst and the weirdest that the Wii U's Miiverse has to offer. If you stumble across something exceptionally amazing, foul or funny in the Miiverse, feel free to share it in the comments.


    I saw 'this is shit' on a Mario level the other day! Moderators must have been sleeping.

      I saw some hairy balls and a penis on Donkey Kong's Crash course :P

      I've seen "This game is shit, sincerely, three pissed off links" on the Zelda battle quest minigame. And "have you ever fucked a potato?" on Balloon Trip. Anyone know what types of bans nintendo hands out?

        Man I love the Zelda mini game. What's to hate?

          They obviously just hate losing. And what's funny is that the message was specific to only the 2nd or 3rd stage.

    Hi, I'm Joe who made this pizza post on Miiverse that this article speaks of. All of my posts deal with pressing pizza issues and are pizza related. Subscribe to my channel if you wish to see multiple posts regarding pizza. Thank you, Kotaku and Chris Person for viewing this pizza post.

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