Modder Creates World's Coolest Iron Man Game (Inside Grand Theft Auto)

Grand Theft Auto IV modder H1Vltg3 has built this incredible Iron Man mod for the PC version of the game, which does so much more than just reskin the main character.

The mod also contains a script which dramatically alters the way you can play the game, giving him proper hand repulsor beam effects and the ability to fly that has its own animation and sound effects. As you can see above, he even has the three-point landing.

Iron Man Script MKIII [GTA4 Mods, via taltigolt]


    That's really impressive, especially the landing.

    I don't understand, I don't remember seeing this city in GTA IV...

    Don't get me wrong this look F***ing awesome, but the sound byte he uses when firing the hand beam thing has the gunfire in the background, surely there's a pure sound clip by itself troughout the movies

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