Nerd Artist Gives The Xbox A Long-Overdue Makeover

Nerd Artist Gives The Xbox A Long-Overdue Makeover

Artist Cory Schmitz has — just for fun — taken the idea of redesigning the Xbox “brand” and run with it. I like where he’s ended up.

Maintaining the green and prominent "X", just about everything else we associate with the platform's marketing is gone, replaced with something far cleaner and more distinct. Just literally an X and a box.

It's so nice it's almost too nice to expect to see on a store shelf, you know?

The New Xbox [Cory Schmitz]


  • By far the ugliest design i’ve seen. Pretty sure a small child could draw something more aesthetically pleasing =/

    Edit on refresh why on earth is this revolting “Art” even on this website and why is it “nerdy”. Seriously need to find a replacement site. I regret opening over 50% of kotaku articles these days

    • This crap again.

      Anyway, I don’t mind it. It’s a design with heaps of potential marketing uses. The animated gif with game images rotating through gives a good idea of that.

      The only part of that that appears flat out unappealing to me, is the box art. Think he should have gone nothing more than the Xbox logo in white overlayed on the image. Still wouldn’t have been great, but far better than that.

  • I actually really like it.
    Its nice and clean. Not every design has to be over the top and filled with explosions behind it.
    Its usually the most simplest designs that work the best. The minimalist approach on the Xbox and Xbox Live branding is quite refreshing.

  • I love the idea, actually, but the execution is pretty poor. It needs to be spaced better, and more evenly, better colors need to be chosen (Though it’s mostly the choice of gray where I think it falls apart). I’m also not a big fan of the font chosen for the X.

  • It’s interesting, if anything it falls inline with a lot of the ‘minimalist’ stuff that’s going lately. Seems to be a trend to try and strip back EVERYTHING to it’s barest minimum, and that’s not always necessary/applicable.

    I highly doubt microsoft would go for it, they’d never take it this far in the minimalist direction, it definitely looks like concept work. With further revisions adding all the proper info ie having all relevant info like t&c, barcodes etc would give the identity a bit more weight and the problems with it now would be worked out.

    Of the ideas shown the box art is definitely the worst, it just seems like it was slapped on there with no real thought, waaaay to much white space at the top, waste of prime real estate. Box labelling doesn’t always have to be a strip across the top, it could be just in the corner (wii), down the side (og ps3), at the bottom (snes).

  • Looks pretty ordinary to be honest. Box Art is poor. Lucky they’ve given Andrew Kim a job instead.
    Edit: Luke linked to the Andrew Kim article already

  • It’s a little too clean in my opinion- unlike that Microsoft one from the other week I don’t get a sense of what the XBOX brand represents

  • Looks terrible.. Could you create a logo that is more confusing to those who have no idea what the product is? A logo is meant to tell clearly identify what it is and alert you to its brand.

    • Yeah, glad to see someone actually understands why this doesn’t work on a rational level rather than the standard “uh DUH dat look like it taked 30 seconds 2 do!” Philistine response.

  • looks like shit keep the one they have now minimalist rarely works without looking stupid looking at the boxart i wouldn’t know if it was a chinese knock off

  • it’s awesome! the bar at the top of the game boxart should probably be a little thinner, it really doesn’t meld well with a super detailed image but I guess if you seen it from a distance you would know if it was an online game etc… still, needs to be thinner.
    The play cards and the Console boxart is perfect tho.

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