New Borderlands 2 DLCs Add A Myriad Of Skins And Heads


    For exchanging real money for skins when I have scores of them in the game already I was hoping for something a little less generic. Something like licensed properties. Hello Kitty gunzerker would be awesome.

    Or anything that would give a boost to rare loot drop chance ;)

    Also 2K thinks with this piecemeal DLC Australian steam users need to pay a 75% premiem where no retail competition exists. Stay classy 2K.

      Yeah, I just about choked when I saw they want $1.75 for each pack which only gets you a few skins for 1 character! $1.75 for the whole lot maybe.

      Exactly, I would consider paying $1 for a set, but I won't pay the 75% ignorance tax that they're implementing on principal.

      After giving us an obscene price difference and then trying to bully GMG into enforcing those prices, they have the hide to charge us an even bigger premium on DLC? Shove it, 2K.

      Before you write me off as a self-entitled PC gamer, I think the DLC itself is a great idea and I think cosmetic DLC is by the far the most ethical form. However I won't stand for them insulting our country with a premium like this.

      Problem is, knowing publishers, they'll see the that DLC-per-game purchases in Australia are lower and use that as an excuse to keep prices high in a "difficult market".

      EDIT: This is entirely on 2K's head as the publisher who sets and rorts the pricing. Gearbox's hands are entirely clean.

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    It's also strange that this DLC isn't covered by the season pass and the 4th DLC will be free

    "Also available is the Borderlands 2 Season Pass at 2,400 Microsoft Points / USD $29.99 / GBP £19.99 / EUR 29,99 € / AUD $39.95 a great offer that includes immediate access to the first three add-content campaigns, including the recently released Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt, with the upcoming fourth campaign being free"

    I bought the season pass thinking all the DLC would be covered, and I figured major DLC *assuming the 4th will be what increases the level cap and gives us more quests* would not be free

      They did make it pretty clear that the season pass would only include 4 campaign add-ons for the price of 3. The Mechromancer and Golden Guns pack weren't included, so I'm not surprised the skins aren't included.

        It's not surprising I guess

        I forgot they made mention of that

        And I had the Golden Guns and Mechromancer with my Vault Hunter Edition so that was no problem

        And what I have played of Sir Hammerlock is fun so far

    BL2 is the only game I've got DLC for, but I will not pay for skins.

    PS. The mobile version of Kotaku seems to be broken for me.

    I am way too attached to my Mech's bunny ears to ever consider purchasing more skins.

    I'm a little annoyed by them selling skins, and I doubt I'll buy them, but I do like Gaige in the top pic with the Yellow eyes.

    It's kind of cool that everyone gets the 4th DLC free, but it's not the best deal for the people who got the Season Pass, who are no longer getting 4 add-ons for the price of 3 and are now getting 3 add-ons for the price of 3.

    EB (Locally, as not every EB did this) sold discounted MS Points at the Launch event so I got my Season Pass even cheaper, so I'm not pissed.

    Paying for skins in an FPS is something I've often wondered about.

    Why pay money for something you're only ever going to see on the Start Game screen? You're really paying money so other people can see it.

    even tho this is $1.75 AUD, i will not pay this in spite...
    releasing this shit when there are still massive issues with the game that gearbox / 2k are not doing anything to fix...

    pull out your finger out gearbox / 2k...

      I'm sure they stopped any and all bug fixing and devoted every single resource in the company to releasing the new skins and heads.

    I got BL2 with my new PS3, but personally am waiting on the GOTY edition, with the size of my pile of shame I can wait :)

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