New Wii U Mario And Mario Kart Games Will Be Revealed At E3

Nintendo today promised that new 3D Mario and Mario Kart games are coming to Wii U.

That shouldn't surprise you: Mario and Mario Kart are staples of any Nintendo hardware platform. But the new 3D Mario is coming from Nintendo's A-Team, the developers responsible for classics like Galaxy and Super Mario 3D Land for 3DS, so that's pretty exciting.

Even more exciting: they will both be revealed — and playable — at the E3 convention this June.


    Looking forward to it.

    I reckon Nintendo could do something really cool and unique with the gamepad.

    I expect the new Mario game will be more quirky in the vein of Sunshine given the gamepad being involved. It won't be a Galaxy sequel.

    I love the Mario 3D platformer games like Galaxy, Sunshine, etc etc, I'm definitely looking forward to this however considered we are being told nothing until E3 this will be a 2014-15 release =(

      Not always. We will more likely see one of the new consoles from Sony or Microsoft, or even these upcoming Steam boxes. So Christmas season this year would be perfect for a big release. Also you could be totally correct, Nintendo has never been easy to read.

      Yeah. I reckon Xmas as a Nintendo counterpunch.

        Defo, with the counterpunch.

    Looks pretty nice! pretty embarrassing they spelt daft punk, draft punk... Lol

    A new 3D Mario and Mario Kart game? Wow I never saw it coming... haha

    I'd like Nintendo to branch out a little with Mario Kart and include characters and tracks based on their other titles like Zelda, Kirby and Star Fox. Racing through Hyrule Field and Castle could potentially be very fun!

    I'm hopeful that they can surprise me with the new 3D Mario. Galaxy 1 & 2 were amazing, but 3D Land was a bit ho-hum so I hope they manage to do something interesting.

      I agree. They need to do something to make the game more interesting. Bikes and cars are not enough. Expanding it to the entire Nintendo universe (like with Smash Bros) could work for a Nintendo racing game. Doesn't even have to be called Mario Kart. Just something NEW DAMMIT!!!

        I've been saying for years, where is my SUPER KART BROTHERS GOD DAMMNIT!?!

    This is the least surprising thing I'll hear all day - but I'll tell you what, it still makes me salivate.
    Can't wait to see what the gameplay hook is in the new Mario. I'm guessing it'll be very Gamepad-centric.

    Does anyone seriously care about this? We've played this stuff before. The same game since 1992. Nintendo need to take a long hard look at themselves and start developing some new IP. The way things have been going, we'll still be talking about new Mario Kart games in 2033.

      It is what sells. Like a dirty movie people will watch it, and I think its expected of Nintedo to bring out these classic games, as it is half the reason we buy their products. But your 100% correct Nintendo need to branch out into other areas to excite the customer who is not a massive Nintendo fan. Or offer an olive branch of the big developers and be more friendly.

      Nintendo creates new IP's ALL THE TIME, please ask me for a list.

      And you can hardly complain about repetition of the series they make when you compare their rates to those of their peers. Six console zelda and metroid games in 25 years is not that many, even Uncharted has done three in just five years, and only on one generation of hardware!

      We've had 7 mario kart games since 1992, three were on handhelds. My favourites are still the original and 64 for their higher skill ceilings, but you can hardly blame Nintendo for wanting to reach a wider audience with the bazillion-seller the series has become. It's definitely not being whored out like an Activision property!

      2D marios might pop up with near severe regularity, but they're bite-sized, consumable games, people need their yearly fix of them like they need Call of Duty. At least they're incredibly polished, intelligent, and still full of Nintendo brand happiness!

    I'd love another Mario Sunshine game. I played the hell out of that on the GameCube back in the day.

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