Ni No Kuni Makers Respond To Wizard's Edition Fiasco, Debunk Conspiracy Theories

Fans were not pleased this week when they learned that their orders of Ni no Kuni Wizard's Edition were cancelled due to stock shortage. Some were puzzled as to why an eBay merchant, Play Canada, was able to get hundreds of copies of the game; many postulated that there was something sketchy going on.

Today, Namco responds to these accusations by issuing the following statement.

NAMCO BANDAI Games America would like to officially offer clarification to certain stories and sentiments surrounding the Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch — Wizard's Edition.

NAMCO BANDAI Games America would first like to acknowledge our fans that will not be receiving their copy of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch — Wizard's Edition. This situation is truly unfortunate, having come about due to a glitch within our E-commerce provider's ordering system. NAMCO BANDAI Games America continues to monitor the situation and is actively working with our E-commerce provider to offer remedies to each and every order. We are also working to ensure that a situation like this never happens again. We respectfully ask for our fans' patience during this time.

NAMCO BANDAI Games America is not, nor has it ever, worked with or in conjunction with the EBay seller known as "PlayCanada" to sell units of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch — Wizard's Edition at a price premium on EBay .

According to our records, this individual or group of individuals purchased Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch — Wizard's Edition during the NinoStarter promotion period (August 2012); at which time, no limits were placed on how many units an individual could order.

PlayCanada's claims that they officially worked with NAMCO BANDAI Games America to obtain their stock is entirely false.

We understand the $US20 clubNamco voucher that has been offered to our affected fans may give little solace in place of an actual Wizard's Edition package. It is unfortunate that we are unable to produce additional Wizard's Edition units to fulfil all the extra orders; with that in mind, NAMCO BANDAI Games America will be giving the affected fans a 400 page hard bound copy of the Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch strategy guide which includes an exclusive code to unlock a Gold Hurly Familiar in the game in addition to the original $US20 clubNamco voucher. Our E-commerce provider will be contacting the affected customers in the coming days with instructions on how to obtain their copy of the Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch strategy guide. We hope that this can give the affected consumers some comfort; NAMCO BANDAI truly does value and care about its fans.


    I got my Japanese version and it came with the ultra incredible super awesome book, and I didn't even order the deluxe one.

    Playcanada are scum

      No, they are just good business people.

        Not mutually exclusive.

    Well they didn't debunk it, they just dismissed it. And that's our dose of pedantry for today!

    Do they get a refund as well? Because the Wizard edition costs more than a crummy standard edition. I better get mine...

    I ordered my wizard edition from Zaavi, i changed my mind at the last second to pay more and go with them than to order in the time frame they said they were stocking (the now cancelled ones).

    Though i still fired off an email to make sure Zaavi has enough stock just this morning and when they would ship it.

      Let me know what happens. I've been really worried about something going wrong with this edition for months and I really hope I get mine from Zavvi. I pre-ordered it almost as soon as it was put up so if there are shortages I hope they honour pre-orders based on the time they were made as opposed to "NAH, YOU'RE AUSTRALIAN. BAD LUCK"

        Nah i think you'd definitely be safe mate, I on the other hand was worried since i only placed my order on the 14th of jan. (though i was still un-lucky enough to place it less than 24 hours before they had a 10% off deal on pre orders, could of saved myself an extra 8 pounds. They also declined credit me the difference when i email too =/)

          I hope so... I'm still curious in hearing what they have to say though.

            Let me know how you go as well... I'm still anxiously waiting for news of my preorder

    "It is unfortunate that we are unable to produce additional Wizard’s Edition units to fulfill all the extra orders". Bullshit. What... are they saying that after producing the initial batch of Wizards editions they burned down the factory, buried the rubble and then seeded the ground with salt? And that there's no other factory on the face of the planet capable of producing any more? No. They're not "unable" to produce additional units, they're UNWILLING to do it, because it will cost them money. There's a difference between that and being unable to do it.

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    Such a screwed up situation for this game. As if the launch delays weren't bad enough

    If i don't get my wizards edition I will literally cry

      Gotta say I about feel the same. I haven't actually been excited for a games release since skyrim. Hell i haven't been this pumped for anything since the 360 was released and i honestly can't say why.

      Could be that there hasn't been a single fantastic rpg this whole generation since Lost Odeysey. Hell even the The Last story and Xenoblade i found especially average, they started off fun but quickly deteriorated into monotonous games.

        I too would be extremely devastated :(

        There hasn't been that many great JRPGs this generation but my favourite one WAS Lost Odyssey before Xenoblade came around. I'm not sure how much of Xenoblade you played but I really enjoyed it.

        Other decent ones (but nothing special IMO) were Tales of Vesperia and Blue Dragon.

          I got onto the 2nd giant warrior thing, when that chick came back all mechanical for your party. the combat was just so repetitive and the story so slowt hat after the i think 60 odd hours (dont rightly remember the hours it took me to get there i did all side quests though) I was beyond burned out at the terrible pacing.

          Yeah i played both of those Tales, drove me nuts. The voice acting was the slowest i have ever seen and stopped me from playing around 20 hours in, just too many 5-10 second pauses between single sentances. The game didn't appreciate my time. I mean i love long rpg's but if you start padding too, you quickly ruin any favour i have with the game.

          I just started blue dragon again too, its just an average game nothing special. But yep everything since lost odeysey was just that average for me.

            Fair enough, that was a decent amount. Was under the impression you only played a few hours :)

            Might want to hide that first paragraph because it's a spoiler

    My order has been cancelled. Ni No Kuni, a game I've been crazy hyped for over a year now is no longer on the radar. I'll pick it up after a price drop. Thanks Namco.

      ?! From where

      EDIT: Figured you went with Zavvi since you also got Anarchy Reigns from there. Just read from another article that you ordered from Namco, sorry to hear that man :(. I'm just super worried about my Zavvi order and I just read from a post on another site that Zavvi are cancelling orders too...

      Last edited 28/01/13 9:36 am

    Why don't they just manufacture more Wizard Editions? The demand is obviously there.

    while this wizard edition looks awesome the (gamespot/ebgames AU) territory has been given a different familiars DLC set via pre-order bonus, just like the AU territory has been given the "white armour raiden" instead of the "grey fox" DLC skin North america get for metal gear rising limited edition

    therefore, while i was naive to the fact that Wizard Edition existed in the first place, i'm keen to experience the absolutely adorable DLC included in our zones pre-order bonus with the intent to ebay any related merchandising i'm fond of.

      What I would like to see is Namco Bandai producing the same number of limited edition box sets again but not allowing Ebay sellers to get hold of them. And pricing them £10 lower so the Ebay sellers get undercut and end up losing money because nobody will pay the stupid money they're asking for copies.

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