Ni No Kuni Pre-Orders Experiencing Issues Getting The Game In US

A whole bunch of people who pre-ordered Ni no Kuni are having all sorts of issues getting their copies of the PS3 role-playing game, which came out Tuesday.

We've been getting lots of tips about the US pre-order issues for the past two days, and people have taken to publisher Namco Bandai's forums to complain. People who pre-ordered the special Wizard's Edition of the game from Namco's store tell us their orders remain unshipped, and in some cases, cancelled entirely.

There's even a big thread on the Namco forums titled "The (un)official 'What's going on with my order' thread." Check it out to see a big FAQ created by one of the Namco forum members, and plenty of angry complaints from people who have yet to receive the games they put down money for — or whose orders were cancelled with no explanation.

I reached out to Namco Bandai this morning to ask about these pre-order woes, but I have yet to hear back. I'll keep you updated as I hear more.

UPDATE: The local stock of Ni No Kuni has been shipped to retailers on time, and should go on sale next Thursday, the 31st, without issues.


    My order from the UK is delayed from Feb 1st to Feb 8th...worried :S

      I ordered the Wizards Edition from Amazon UK, they say it will be shipped on the 31st Jan and should arrive 9th to the 14th Feb..... I hope there is no problems.

      Last edited 24/01/13 2:40 pm

      Where'd you order from, Zavvi?


          phew, got scared for my order. Good luck though!

          I'd hate for anyone to miss out on a sexy Wizard Edition!

            As long as I get it eventually it's all good! Got more than enough games to keep me busy.

    I've been charged for my US order but no update since. Bah.

    Ouch, I'm worried about getting a copy locally, going to try some local JBs and EBs really early in the day next thursday

    Can anyone confirm release date is 31st for AU? Keep seeing sites say its earlier and don't wanna miss out if it's already on the shelves...

      EB's saying Thursday 31st. Games usually release on Thursdays so it sounds pretty legit.

        Yeah I was kind of hoping they had somehow fumbled and it was out today instead :S

    Pretty glad I ordered through EB so at least I can go and complain in person if it doesn't show up.

    I wish I preorded last year when I could of gotten the Wizard edition.

      You can pre-order the Wizard edition from german amazon. Will have to wait for it to be shipped but the book is in english and so is the game.

        omg thankyou, is the game in English though?

          nvr mind i read the page and it is, thanks again for letting me knoow

          according to two reviews you can switch back to Japanese with subs but the English voice acting it meant to be of decent to high quality.

    Solution, create american PS3 account, buy psn US money card, buy ni no kuni, download 20gb and play =)... Im five hours in...

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