Nintendo Is Remaking The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker For Wii U

Nintendo Is Remaking The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker For Wii U

You’ll be able to play The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker on your Wii U later this year. No, the Wii U isn’t suddenly getting backwards compatibility to support the GameCube. Nintendo is remaking the game.

Yep, Nintendo is remaking the cartoonish GameCube Zelda game and giving it the full Wii U treatment, complete with new graphics and Off-TV Play (meaning you can play the new Wind Waker on your GamePad controller, with the TV off). The remake will be out in the second half of the year.

Nintendo announced the news along with the promise of another Zelda game, which they say won’t be ready to announce for a while.

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  • Well, I was playing through (The) Wind Waker via emulation on my PC, but I guess I may as well just wait for this.

    A long wait it will be, since it will almost certainly be delayed.

    • Yeah was not at all a fan of it myself. Would much prefer Link to the past, or Ocarina of Time. Oh well, this news will at least please a lot of other Zelda fans.

      • I liked it, but I also found it a bit simple, and too much time was spent on that ocean searching mini game.

        I also loved the art style, except for the characters, which just looked too deformed in my opinion.

        These are minor quibbles though.

  • I wonder if they’re going to add the stuff they cut from the original, now that they have more time/ disk space.

    • Well, remaking this will (hopefully) allow them to work on the two (or so) dungeons that were cut due to running out of time. This could mean: no obnoxious Tingle map fetch quest, more dungeon exploration fun times.

      • that was my biggest gripe about this game. the fact that there wasnt enough dungeon time. the dungeons they did have were amazing.

  • My favourite Zelda next to OOT getting remade?

    Might be what gets me to buy a Wii U in the end. On a sidenote, it’s good to see a company treating an “HD remake” with more love than simply going “lets upscale it to 720p and call it finished”

    • lol, can’t you read? they are working on a new game, they said they are doing this so people have Zelda to play in the meantime, people like you shouldn’t comment.

    • I understand that they are working on a new Zelda as well – although it’s not even at a stage that they want to talk about it yet, and it won’t be at E3.

      However, that means that Nintendo launched a new console in the last part of 2012, and won’t have a NEW Zelda game until sometime in 2014, if we’re lucky.

      Major, first party franchise launching a year and a half to two years after the console? Disappointing.

      • Considering Skyward Sword only launched at the end of 2011, and these games take a LONG time to develop, you’re foolish to expect it any sooner. Be realistic.

  • Yes i’ll get this (when I get a Wii U), yes i’ll enjoy the crap out of it, but my first reaction was “why do this?” Why waste developer time on rehashed GameCube games when the system is struggling to hold its own because the current game library for the Wii U is so ridiculously small?? I love Nintendo to bits, but their current business decisions really make me wonder…

    • They’re doing it because fans are foaming at the mouth screaming “WE WANT ZELDA” with unrealistic expectations, so until the new Zelda is ready to show off they’re giving us this to tire us over.
      Besides, it looks like it’ll be more than just a quick port, and this game was great fun, it should be quite a formidable addition to the Wii U library.

  • Love this game, but you REALLY need to question what the hell Nintendo is doing with this generation.

    As i’ve pointed out on a few post before, Nintendo really haven’t thought this generation through as far as software. They’ve built a console with a more traditional control set-up but NO GAMES and due to hardware restrictions, a very short shelf life.

    Make no mistake, you’re getting a remake of Wind Waker because it’s faster to rush out than a new Zelda title. You’re getting it because by the time them make a new proper Zelda it will be running on terrible hardware compared to the next Xbox and PS4. It’s the same reason you got a cookie-cutter Mario game at launch and not something new, it’s the same reason that apart from Pikmin the only other 1st party game on the horizon is a Wario Mini-game collection.

    While this game will sell to the people who have a WiiU, is anybody really going to buy a new console to play a remake of a 10 year-old game?

    People have been whinging for ages that Nintendo needed to mix it up with new franchises. These we’re not even getting that, just HD re-releases of old games!

    • While this game will sell to the people who have a WiiU, is anybody really going to buy a new console to play a remake of a 10 year-old game?

      I probably am. I mean I’ll use it for other games eventually, but up until this post I had no real interest in owning a Wii U and now I’ll probably buy one by the end of the month.

    • In the Nintendo Direct, he mentions that the reason they are also remaking Wind Waker is to get people who have never played a Zelda game to get interested. A whole new generation of gamers who haven’t experienced the gloriousness of what Zelda is, will play one of the best Zelda games remade in HD.
      Then when the brand new Zelda game for Wii U comes out, there will be a larger fanbase for it than what originally was.

      • They’ve announced that they will announce a new Mario and a new Mario Kart at E3.

        I wouldn’t call and announcement of an announcement “on the horizon”.
        We knew these games would be coming (it is Nintendo after all), but the question is when and will there be the install base to stop this console from bleeding out before they arrive?

        Obviously the Wind Waker is a band-aid solution to a severe shortage of quality games (if Pikmin isn’t good you won’t get a real reason to buy the machine between launch and Christmas 2013 at best!). In the meantime there is no reason for most people to go out of their way to buy one, and more and more 3rd party developers will be working on games for the next generation because of the small install base.

        The question is will the Wii U games that are announced at E3 be out by Christmas 2013 and will they be brand-new, innovative system sellers? My concern is that if they aren’t people are going to forget about the WiiU fast when the new Xbox/ PS4 come out with amazing looking new franchises like Watch Dogs and Star Wars 1313.

        If it takes until mid-late 2014 do you think Xbox 360 comparible hardware is going to deliver an epic Zelda adventure?

        • If it takes until mid-late 2014 do you think Xbox 360 comparible hardware is going to deliver an epic Zelda adventure?
          Considering they managed to make epic Zelda adventures for much weaker hardware, yes, yes it will.

          • I have fond memories of playing OoT when it came out and being blown away by its scope and ambition, it’s wonderful graphics and sound.

            I also remember playing Skyward Sword and being underwhelmed at its great art being presented in a sub-par resolution, it’s shitty audio and scaled down scope (tiny sky islands designed like Mario Galaxy so the ame wouldn’t have to render much).

            An epic Zelda console game deserves better than 8-9 year old hardware.

    • I think Nintendo has to be aware that there are still people out there that are still holding out on buying the Wii U until they release a new game from their own IP. An HD remake of a 10 year old Zelda game will at least whet the appetites of many fans and will definitely acquire some new Wii U owners.

      Everybody already knows by now that Nintendo has changed its priorities, because the last time that they released a console that was aimed towards gamers was the Gamecube, and had they kept that path they would have fallen a long time ago. So its not so much a new generation they havent thought of, its their audience, their loyal ones.

      Im sure that will change once they get rolling with original games, they have to, remember the last time when everyone got excited over a new 3D Mario game? And then we have the new Pikmin game, a Fire Emblem game (apparently a crossover now), a new game from the Xenoblades guys, possibly a new Metroid, Star Fox or even a F-Zero title (why they never re-released F Zero X on the 3DS is still a missed opportunity) and maybe in some imaginary world, NOA will reconsider the Mother/Earthbound series for at least the Virtual Console. Oh yeah and we have that new Smash Bros game too, they never fail to sell.

    • Make no mistake, you’re getting a remake of Wind Waker because it’s faster to rush out than a new Zelda title.

      Considering they basically say that in the video, I’m unsure what you are talking about.

  • Funny, this graphical upgrade will probably mean the game won’t age nearly as well.
    And what’s with that bloom, it’s awful!

    But if this is what it takes to get more people to play Windwaker, so be it. It’s one of the best 3D Zeldas IMO.

    • I’m with you about the bloom, it’s totally overdone…but I’m hoping that just some early test screens, I doubt it will be so bright in the end.

  • No they announced Mario and Mario kart and that there will be playable demos at E3. It is NOT an announcement of an announcement. These games are on the horizon! Further there is ssb, yoshi. Co developed X and fire emblem games. Monster hunter is about to come out. YES I do think the new Zelda on 360 comparable tech will be an EPIC Zelda adventure. Why are you concerned? Perhaps you should speak up at the next shareholders meeting!

  • Totally don’t care at all.

    Don’t get me wrong, Wind Waker’s a great game. But you know… it *was* a great game. A decade ago. When I played it already. And it’s still right there on my shelf if I want to play it again (which I don’t, too many other unplayed things).

    I will however become more interested if it’s revealed that they’re scrapping Tingle’s fetch quest for new dungeons that were cut, and that the soundscape is also getting reworked rather than just having a straight copy like what happened with OoT3D.

    • Tingle’s fetch quest (which really had nothing to do with Tingle sans the part where you payed him to make the maps legible), was arguably my favourite part of the game. It’s the only time in the Zelda series where they say “Okay, here’s a free ticket to just explore the world, the plot will move on as you explore, so don’t feel like you’re putting something off”. To me, that was possibly the high point of the Zelda franchise, or possibly even gaming itself.

    • That’s interesting. Do you still listen to music or watch movies from a decade ago, or do you toss them aside once you’ve consumed it once? What makes you view games differently to other media?

      Sorry, I’m just on a nostalgic trip at the moment, just go with me here…

      • Do I listen to/watch old music and movies? Sure do!
        Do I buy them again despite already owning them? Sure don’t!

        Should read a little closer, but points for trying.

  • I assume they’ll allow you to use the Tingle screen thing that you needed a GBA and GClink cable to use with the wiimote.

    Used to use it and drop bombs and enemies and find hidden treasures all the time when sailing.
    Never really used it on land though.

  • Man, I wish Nintendo had had the foresight to design their old games with scalable resolutions or some kind of easy hooks built in so that they could have made all of their consoles backwards compatible (I know lots of games run fine in emulators, but that’s a different kettle of fish – my point is they don’t run on current consoles). So much of Nintendo’s magic is in its long history of games, and I think they could have had a lot more success if people could still play their old games without having to buy them through some clunky virtual console which becomes obsolete when the next console comes along. I think if Nintendo, or anybody for that matter, had continued to print some of their more popular classics (and if they still ran on their newest console), they would still be bought, and new gamers and young kids would still be getting exposed to all of the good games of the past, as well as current ones. Nintendo, and some of the older developers, would also be enjoying a lot more success IMO.

    I think there is too much of an attitude in gaming of pushing forward to the next new thing, whereas sticking around and enjoying our history isn’t encouraged enough. I know there are still plenty of ways to play old games, and plenty of gamers do, but there is a certain amount of effort and prior knowledge of said games required in doing so – if they were still being sold on retail shelves, just like classic music is still sold, and still playable on new machines (just like music, to keep going with that analogy) they would be reaching a much wider audience, and new gamers would be discovering great old games, instead of spending all of their time on the latest and greatest manshooter.

    Anyway, that kind of turned into an irrelevant rant. Looking at old Zelda games just got me thinking I guess. I love seeing remakes when they’re done well, so I’m looking forward to this.

  • This is all well and good, but doesn’t it seem just a LITTLE bit like Nintendo are starting to rely on remakes of all of their games?

    • Seems to be working alright for SE. Also, Wind Wake remake offers Nintendo the opportunity to finish what had to be cut in the past.

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