No Tomb Raider Demo Because 'We Don't Want To Spoil The Story'

No demo version is planned for Tomb Raider, said Karl Stewart of the game's studio, Crystal Dynamics, because doing so would reveal too much of the story before the game's release.

"We've weaved such an personal story we don't believe spoiling it by having you wait a week or so to play on, delivers on our promise," he said via Twitter on Wednesday.

The good news, however: "There's no Season or Online Pass," Stewart added yesterday, a welcome change and a small surprise given this game will feature multiplayer for the first time in the series' history.

Tomb Raider releases on March 5 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Crystal Dynamics confirms no Tomb Raider demo, no Online or Season Pass [Eurogamer]


    “We’ve weaved such an personal story we don’t believe spoiling it by having you wait a week or so to play on, delivers on our promise,”

    I'm not sure if this guy knows what and who a demo is for. If people are on the fence about the game and no demo why would they buy it?

      I think a game like is is more dependent on word of mouth. Demos for games like this don't really do it justice.

    This is the biggest spin I've ever seen. However rule of thumb is thus... If they're guaranteed hype and sales there will be no demo, if they're desperate for sales - there's a demo.

    Lame, a demo doesn't need story exposition, it needs gameplay and interface so we determine if the game is playable enough to make it through the story in the release version. Ah well I won't be buying this game anyway. After watching a vid where she was constantly spouting monologue I figured that if they needed so badly to keep my attention or feed me character background and plot points by having her talk to herself all the time there probably isn't enough to the game to keep me interested in playing it.

    Wtf, they've shown off hours of gameplay, what's left to spoil?

    Lets see they have had the game up for a while now on Steam and it is not even half way through the 2nd pre-purchase rewards - the game looks interesting but I have been burnt on Lara 1 too many times I think.

    Might pick it up in the steam sales - I feel sorry for the developers because if this fails it might be the end of Lara - which may not be a bad things poor girls had a rough time.

    To be honest, I pre-ordered this on steam for some reason. If this sucks, i'm going to be pretty close to never pre-ordering a game again. Unless it's something I really want, or a known entity.

    It's damage control. They've already shown two hours of the game, they just don't want everyone to know how extremely linear and scripted the game is.

    It's a brave direction for the franchise ... It may be one of those cases where a twenty minute demo would just discourage customers because what gameplay you get is disjointed, out of context, and disappointing. A demo for Dark Souls, for example, would have the same issues.
    Of course, if Dark Souls DID have a demo that analogy breaks down.

    I guess downloading the full game on PC will be my demo then.

      As much as I hate to dabble in game piracy these days, that was my first thought too. If they're not confident enough in their product to release a demo (and despite the stupid explanation that's exactly how I read it) then I'll be trying before buying on the one-way steam street.

    Mass Effect 3 got a demo, are they trying to say their story is better?

    I read this as "No Tomb Raider Demo Because ‘We Know People Will Play It And Not Like It’

    This is a worry. I pre-ordered PC too. Maybe I should can the collectors edition then. I don't want to get it home to find that it has a linear story with constant annoying monologue and runs like a crap port that is unplayable like some releases of late.

    Well I'd like to try before I decide to buy.. because I don't want to spoil my money.

    This is typically spin for "Our game is a turd, we don't want you to know that before dropping your $60 on it though"

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