Noisia Is The Sound Of DmC Devil May Cry

Fancy hearing the sounds of Devil May Cry, even when you can't play it? In an appropriately modern take on franchise faithfulness, the entirety of the DmC soundtrack has been entrusted to one group, and it's none other than Dutch trio Noisia, known for their style of hard, heavy Drum n Bass.

Released earlier, the bonus version of the soundtrack contains 36 tracks of electronic music, with not one collaboration - all Noisia.

Drum n Bass has been getting more and more popular in games over the years. Its fast tempo suits an action-packed environment, and can transition into a different tone quicker for those soundtracks that adapt to gameplay. But big names are now being asked to work directly for the game instead of just including released music on the soundtrack, such as Pendulum in games like Motorstorm. A producer/DJ who skyrocketed to fame after his first album, Netsky, recently worked with Disney on an Epic Mickey 2 remix.

Rising to become recognisable names in Drum n Bass, Electronica, and now Dubstep, if the soundtrack were full of the "traditional" Noisia sound, it would go a little something like this:

While the selection of Noisia might seem like a statement of intent by a studio attempting to prove they can replicate the fast-paced combat of a beloved franchise, there are actually only a few Drum n Bass tracks on the album. There's a lot of atmospheric stuff on there, and a few tracks that are meaninglessly short (about 30 seconds), and it's a little confusing why those are included.

But who knows, maybe DmC will be good enough to join the ranks of those titles that when you hear their music, you're mentally teleported to the best moments of that game? As a Dante fan, I think I'm going to either love it or hate it, but at least they got the music right.


    I noticed the music kicking ass through the demo, so i might have to grab this soundtrack!

    Also, Noisa had a track called Machine Gun that was used in the first trailer to Far Cry 3. That was my first introduction to them and I've been a fan ever since.

      Ha ha that was the same track that introduced me to them. The 16bit remix was the one used in the trailer though, I think. I love that song and could this be

    I was intrigued when I saw this album pop up in Beatport, been listening to Noisia for a long time so it was unexpected to see they'd done the entire soundtrack. I'm intrigued so it might actually lead me to play the new DMC.

    Noisa don't just make Dnb (though that is their best work), they also make Breaks and electro. This is the main reason that DMC is a Must Purchase for me. Well, that and the intriguing story line that I read about in your review, that wasn't really conveyed well in the promotional material.

    Also, coming from a DnB Dj, nice choice of track to show case Noisia, a true DnB classic.

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    Noisia doesn't do the whole soundtrack, Combichrist are also apart of it too.

    First DnB I noticed in a game was in System Shock2...some of the best music & sounds I've ever heard in a game

    Been listening to this soundtrack for a few days now - and absolutely adore it. I wasn't really interested in DmC but on the strength of the music alone I'm quite tempted now.

    For those interested, you can listen to the entire 36 track album on soundcloud now too:

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