NRA Releases Shooting App For 4 And Up

It's a headline you'd expect from The Onion, but this one's actually true. The National Rifle Association, not content with transparently shifting the blame to video games when their precious 2nd amendment is being questioned, decided to make things easier on their opponents by hypocritically releasing their own iOS app in which you can shoot things.

The app is NRA: Practice Range, and it targets anyone from the age of 4 and up. It allows players to test out virtual guns, purchased at $0.99 each, in one of three firing ranges.

But wait, there's more! Other benefits to buying the app include:

NRA: Practice Range puts the NRA’s broad scope of resources in the palm of your hand – with 2nd Amendment newsfeeds, gun law information centers and educational materials that you can access anywhere, anytime.

The two main arguments regularly leveled against FPS games are that shooting games can desensitise kids to violence, and that they can train them to shoot. While this app only displays extreme violence against wooden targets, the whole "training to shoot" thing seems more than a little relevant, if not downright hypocritical.

Not to mention, releasing a shooting game at this time, after what's been said, is just downright bad taste. A few comments have started to appear on iTunes already:

"How dare the NRA release an app for kids (rated 4+?!) at a time like this that teaches them how to 'safely shoot'."

"What is wrong with America??? A month after Sandy Hook you are releasing this! The NRA and your idiotic love of guns are killing your people."

While developers may not always have control over exactly when their app is released on iTunes, surely the association knew it was in the pipeline. Thankfully, it seems more and more people are calling for discussion of gun control and mental health care, as less people accept the "video games" finger pointing, and the PR situation for the NRA gets even worse.


    Well, people are mad at the NRA now but watch as there's another shooting in 6 months time and Fox News use this as an example of how "video games" are corrupting our youth.

      It didn't take six months, it only took a few days...

    guns cause violence.
    video games cause violence.

    so the NRA is causing the violence?


      The NRA has put forward the idea that Correlation DOES equal Causation after all...

        Except where guns are involved, of course.

    Maybe it's not intended to teach them how to shoot, but rather how to shoot back.

      Any weapon that can be used to defend, can also be used to destroy. Teaching people how to shoot back only means you're teaching more people how to be a potential killer.

    woah woah woah... WHERE does it say that this is an OFFICIAL NRA app?

    I mean, I'm all for having a go at these morangs, but lets make sure the facts are legit yea?

      Follow the link from the store to the developer.

        It is licensed from the NRA !!

          Whoa whoa whoa... let's not jump to conclusions just because we have indisputably conclusive data!

    Guns don't kill children. Building apple products do!

    Look at all the people who have never been around guns going ballistic on an app that is rated "4 and up". That doesn't mean it was MADE FOR CHILDREN. It just means there's nothing in the game that would be unsuitable for younger players. Shooting at targets isn't strictly an adult thing.

    It's actually beneficial to teach children about firearms from an early age. They learn to respect the weapon and the responsibilities involved with using one. I'm willing to bet most asshats who shoot up schools etc, were probably not brought up properly around firearms.

    If you want to hate on something, hate on people with mental illnesses who decide to go waste little kids. They deserve the hate way more than the NRA, or this stupid app.

      The NRA has been targeting video games, specifically shooters, as the cause of the recent shooting. I think that this article is also getting at how hypocritical it is to release a shooting game after saying that they caused the shooting.

      "If you want to hate on something, hate on people with mental illnesses"


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