Off Topic: 'Straya Day!

Yesterday was the last day of my holidays, so I was determined to enjoy it by having a BBQ, despite the fact it was pouring down outside and blowing a gale. I clambered out onto my balcony, cooked the goddamn meat and got the job done. That's how I spent yesterday but — assuming you had the day off yesterday — what did y'all get up to?

Anyway — back to my BBQ! I have a Weber, and it's one of those Kettle things where you have to spend ages getting the coals to heat up and stuff. It was a complete nightmare! Anyone got any BBQ tips while we're here?


    Yesterday? My brother and I did a Coles run, bought some stuff for dinner and some generally unhealthy stuff to go along with it

    Then we got back inside as quick as we could

    Driving in that rain was horrible.

    I played Torchlight 2 most of the day, interchanging it with Arkham City and Human Revolution

    The end game for Torchlight 2 is awesome.

    Spoke to my girlfriend on the phone, listened to my brother and his mate play Guitar hero and then watched Here Comes The Boom

    Not yesterday, but on sat I was at a hottest 100 Australia Day party. Fun was slightly by the fact we had to call an ambulance partway through the proceedings.

    Also, BBQ tip: Do as little as possible. Try and turn the meat only once, don't over-marinate, and stop fussing. let the meat speak for itself.

      I disagree, I can cook a steak perfectly with one flip, or with many flips. They just have to be timed properly. Flipping once isn't always suitable for really thick steaks either (and I don't have the patience to put it in the oven aswell if im not using it already for something else)

        It's more to stop people fucking about with the steak. If you have the barbecue at a decent temp, they pretty much cook themselves.

        Inexperienced barbologists have a tendency to fuss too much. Steak is actually one of the easiest things to barbecue.

    I was invited by my sister in law to her place for a lunch.... she didn't organise anything, there was some shitty sausages and burgers served up, no salad... All up 4 hours of my day wasted (including watching the sucky Mothan Prophecies movie) that could have been spent playing Path of Exile (which I did for the rest of the weekend).

    I went out for Chinese in a Sichuan restaurant :-)

    Then played Mass Effect, plus some Skullgirls and DJ Hero 2 with my daughter.

    Played a bit of Ni No Kuni, then went for a drive in my car. Which got rained on after I just washed it on Saturday. Then went home and played some more Ni No Kuni.

    So yeah... I spent the Australia day holiday playing a Japanese video game and driving my Japanese car.

    Straya! Oi! Oi! OI! etc.

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    I continued on my epic adventure in Baldur's Gate EE, watched some Blue Gender and drank way too much beer.

    Oh, and BBQ tips! For starters, ditch that coal BBQ and get a gas one - makes life so much easier. I did that a few years ago and never looked back.

    And listen to redartifice above - don't overmarinate, don't turn stuff any more than necessary. Basically don't interfere with the cooking process any more than necessary. I think a lot of people feel like they should be doing SOMETHING - I mean, they're just standing there otherwise, right? But no, just standing there is fine. Use the time as an opportunity to drink beer, that'll keep you busy without having to fiddle around with things too much.

    Also - low-to-medium heat is generally the most you want. Don't turn it up to high or you'll just destroy it. Keep the heat under control and just let it have a few extra minutes to cook rather than trying to blast it into submission with too much heat. Of course if you're using a charcoal BBQ then it's harder to control the heat...

    I have the same style of BBQ. Create a large pile of coals (the Redhead hollow log type work best IMO) with your firelighters underneath. Light the fire and stand back. DON"T PUT THE COVER ON!

    Wait for the flames to die down, your coals should be glowing under the pile, and the glowing will start to spread.

    Once most of the coals are glowing, spread them out with your bare hands...

    You can start to BBQ and use the cover as you wish.

    Saturday (You know, the actual Australia Day) I had a BBQ with friends, got drunk, had to break up an argument between my friend and his ex, then had to help her home because she was too drunk to move.

    Yesterday... I watched the WWE Royal Rumble

    It was too wet to do anything. Minor flooding in the area etc.. Saturday was pretty much the same.

    Yesterday was the first day I felt half-human after deciding I would quit smoking this weekend.

    Saturday/Sunday were horrible and I'm surprised I still have a wife but yesterday was the first day in which I thought I could actually do this.

      It gets easier. I used to use smoking as procrastination a lot, so the hardest part for me was when I first got home from work and I wanted to have a smoke before starting dinner, or wasting an extra five minutes before cleaning, or killing time waiting for trains, etc.

      So if you're like me, motivating yourself to do the things you're usually putting off will go a long way to ignoring the urge to light up. Also, the tremendous amount of money you'll save. That's a reason to keep going. Just try not to spend it on snack foods.

        I'll take that on board as I used smoking in a similar way. A time filler, so to speak.

        Won't be spending it on snack foods. I went from an unfit 125KG to a very fit 90KG pretty recently so I'm never going back there.

    Didn't go outside all day, watched some American Horror Story (meh), helped my girl update her resume (fingers crossed) and started some new zombie art. Also listen to Landbridge a lot, really digging them lately.

    I wanted to go for a skate all weekend, but yea that didn't happen. Now it's supposed to rain all week... when the hell am I gonna get a decent sesh in?

    Ate yumcha and then finished season 3 of Justified and started watching Sword Art Online with gf. It was a good day.

    On Saturday, I went to a place called Crazy Wings that sold skewers of delicious meat and then played DOTA2.

    On Monday, I spent the day at my parents' place watch The West Wing on my laptop because my house had no power.

    Replayed Journey, and went through Uncharted 2 from start to finish...

    I'm trying to get through the worthwhile PS exclusives before next gen.
    Seriously, whoever does the dialogue writing for the Uncharted games is brilliant.

      Was that your first play through of Uncharted 2?

      God I love that game... probably my favourite of this generation.

        That train level really nails the Indiana Jones style... but screw that whole damn level with the tank.

          Awww man, that level battling the tank through the village was friggin' awesome! :D Train level was brilliant too, although maybe went on a bit too long. Only bit that disappointed me was the boss fight at the end. That wasn't up to the standard of the rest of the game.

            You've got to be joking me about that tank... there's a cut to the right that isn't marked, and if you turn to look for it you're hosed by machine guns.

    Oh, and I actually cook my steaks like Heston. Flipping the steak every 20 seconds for 3 minutes forms a crust on the outside and makes it super tender on the inside and then rest for 5 minutes before serving.

    I spent the day wandering my house like a zombie recovering from GGJ then dinner with some friends of ours. Good day, crazy weekend, love game jams.

    Yesterday I was catching up on a bunch of unread manga and books because my power had been out since the night before, though I did get a little gaming in when the power came back late that night. Saturday was spent indoors playing games and such because it rained all day.

    What's 'Straya day without familial dramas?

    I spent Saturday cleaning my house because my wife's gran was going to come over yesterday and give her a driving lesson in our new (to us) car, but then she wound up piking out because it got a bit wet.
    Secretly however, we think the change of heart was because my wife's granddad doesn't approve of her buying a car and thinks we should have saved up and looked into moving into another place because he doesn't like us living somewhere as "isolated" as Carramar.
    Newsflash gramps, having a car means we won't be so isolated, and if we moved we'd have to live even further out or pony up a LOT more in rent! If they want to buy us a place in the inner west, we're up for that, but I don't think that's gonna happen!

    So that was my weekend.

    I spent Australia Day doing my own thing away on holidays. IMO Australia Day seems to dredge up all the low IQ racist bogans who seem to revel in their groups telling me "Go back where you came from".

    Proud to be an Aussie of 26 years, but embarrassed by the small minority with the "F off we're full" stickers while they brandish their Eureka flags/tattoos; most of whom probably have NFI what the Southern Cross flag represents or what the Eureka Rebellion was about.

    Sorry, butthurt feelings here I needed to get out :p

    Hung out with my brother and some friends in a pool listening to the Hottest 100(Ignoring the rain), and played Tekkit with some friends on Monday.

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    I spent the Monday public holiday recovering from the previous two days of Game Jam, and buying groceries.

    Saturday was spent at a friend's place having a bbq, listening to Triple J, labeling anything I didn't like as unaustralian and consuming an entire 30 block of West End. The next two days were spent with friends drinking the leftovers whilst watching movies and eating pizza.
    Same procedure as every year.

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