Oh My God, Ni No Kuni, Stop, You're Charming My Pants Off

Anyone within earshot of me in the last week and a half will attest that I'm absolutely loving Ni No Kuni. It is, without a doubt, one of the most charming games I've ever played. It simply exudes character from every single pore.

With that in mind, here are handful of whimsical things that make me love this game:

This adorable familiar I named Tina.

This world map.

The magic.

These townsfolk.

This charming fishing town.

This flipppin' genie.

And whatever the hell this adorable thing is.

Guys, I think I just overdosed on whimsy.


    Why why why was this delayed. Stupid Namco...I want to play it.

    Yup, this is going to be my first new game of 2013 alright.

    Annoying that it didn't come out BEFORE the Australia Day long weekend, though.

      The trick is to have a US PSN account and just buy it digitally :D

        Its one of those games that I wouldn't want a digital copy of though & would much rather have the physical copy for appreciation

        Very disappointing that my most anticipated title gets delayed whilst the US has priority 1....again

        The game is a 20GB download, so naturally downloading it is out of the question for me :c

    Uuuugh. I dunno if I should wait for the ozgameshop preorder to arrive (two week wait, but then I'll be in Tasmania when it ships) or go ahead and buy the darn game from ShinTokyo. Gosh, I need to hit myself in the head with something so I can forget about this game :c

    I cant wait to get this. Too bad Amazon Germany doesn't ship it till the first, so i wont get it till the 8th

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